Sarah: The First Night

Once we all were aware of what was happening, we started to set up camp. The first thing on our minds were sleeping. The tent was too small for six injured campers and two councelers, so we had to sleep in little makeshift huts. All day people were running back and forth trying to build the huts. Kevin was offering a prize to whoever could gather the most wood. Sadly, I was out of that competition. You can't gather very much wood when you are on crutches. I had to sit there helplessly as everybody else worked for me. Being somebody who thought the only way to get things done right was to do it yourself, I was going insane. People were building my hut without me. It was terrible having to just sit there and watch as everybody did everything for me. But somehow, I managed to do it.

The best part about that first day was dinner time. We all gathered around the campfire and ate a dehdrated meal of steak and mashed potatoes. For a pile of soggy mush, it tasted delicious. Then again, when you have only the taste of salt water in your mouth, I guess anything would taste good. After dinner, we realized another major problem. We needed water. Everybody had a little bit in their water bottles, but even that was running low. We were all exhausted from working all day.

At dinner, Kevin and Karissa announced the sleeping arrangements. To my delight, I was rooming with Cassidy. Everybody was so tired we all wnt straight ot bed. I thought I would have a hard time falling asleep on the sand, but I was wrong. Within five minutes I was fast asleep. However, that sleep didn't last long. I woke up in the middle of the night only ot find Cassidy's sleeping bag empty. She apparently had the same idea that I had. I quietly stood up and walked out of the tent. I slowly hobbled over to the dying embers of the fire and sat there, staring at the barely glowing red coals. At that moment I realized how bad our situation was. Here we were, six kids all under the age of 17, with two 18-year old councelers watching over us. To make things worse, thye had a criple to deal with. This wasn't a walk in the park or a friendly little camping trip. This was a fight for survival. My biggest fear was that we weren't going ot be rescued in time. Then the eight of us who went out would become just memories lost in an old photo album. Our only hope was that somebody would come looking for us before it was too late.

The End

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