Cassidy: A long night

Once everyone was settled around the campfire our consulars anouced our sleeping arragements. Of course Jim and James would share a hut, the Kevin and Karissa had their own, Me and Sarah were in one together and Bree and Nessie in another. After that we were sent to bed. Our little hut had enough room for our sleeping bags and backpacks, one in each corner.

Pretty soon I could hear Sarah snoring. How could she fall asleep so easily? It wasn't fair. I tossed and turned and thought every little noise was a predeter ready to come and eat us all. Then I kept putting my feet in and out of the bag and blanket because I was to hot then to cold. It felt like I was just laying their for hours with zero sleep. I think sometime...about midnight I may have fallen into a fitful sleep for a couple hours.

Finally I couldnt take it anymore I took my flip-flops from my bag and left our little hut. I wandered down to the beach and sat with my feet stretched out so that my toes barely touched the cold water. The sun was slightly starting to rise but it was dark in the forest. As I sat there I recaluclated what had happened the past day. I realized that if no one finds us then I might never see my mom again. I may never see my older brother Derek or my little sister Gabrielle ever again, I may never see  my friends or family ever again. I may die all alone on this little island never to be found. I started crying silent tears.

This was supposed to a fun experiance for me, but it turned out a disaster.

I wish I were at home in my warm bed with my stuffed teddy bear  that I've had since I was four years old. I wish that I were anywhere but stranded on a stupid island in the middle of no where. I let out a small scream of frustration and started to cry again. I started shivering from the cold and was about to go back to get a blanket but I just couldnt get up. I sat there shivering, crying, and frustrated. I knew i needed to pull myself togther soon because the other campers would be getting up in and hour or so. I could see the beautiful sunrise now and it sort of calmed me down.

 After I finished my pity party  I ran to my door and crawled into my sleeping bag. I finally felt tired...and really cold so I fell asleep and was shaken awake by Sarah what seemed like only five minutes later. We all gathered around the fireplace to hear kevin speeak.

"Today, we go exploring!" he yelled with a grin. Yeah. Hopefully we find a clear stream to bath in.

I hate being dirty for more than a day.

The End

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