James: Stars

Despite the fact that I really didn't like Jim Aporale, the guy did have his moments.

After we dug into the survival kits and all the remaining backpacks, we found a star map. While everyone was running around, trying to figure out where we were, I slipped off from the crowd and excitement. I didn't really care where we were. We were stranded on a desert island, for crying out loud! Does it really matter which one?

As I was walking away from the crowd in the usually silent way I have, I looked up at the sky, watching the clouds that had now passed. I stuffed my hands in the pockets of my filthy jeans, wondering where my shoes had gone. They had been on after  we had crashed. I had them on when I had dove into the water. But when I had woken up, after Cassidy had made it to shore, I had no shoes. I guess it was alright, but I was curious to where they had ended up.

I wondered silently to myself how a storm could cause all this trouble.

The storm didn't cause all this trouble, said a voice in my head that wasn't mine, YOU did.

I stopped in my tracks. That couldn't be true. It was nature. Not me. I don't control nature. But then again, I was a magnet for disaster. I felt a twinge of guilt.

I shook my head, reluctantly remembering my brother and best friend.

The night had been great. We had just come out from a movie that my ex-girlfriend had wanted to see. My brother had been 16, and we had been close. So we had gone together, including my best friend.
We had gotten in the car, Danny at the wheel and me and Jake in the back seat.
We drove on, talking about the movie and how girly it had been, and also talking about school and family and--


I peeled my head from the window, sure that I had a concussion.
"Danny?" I croaked. "Jake?"
No answer. My first thought was that they were unconscious.
I was wrong.

"James," a voice said behind me.

I turned around, coming back to reality, forgetting about Jake and Danny. It was Cassidy. "Yeah?"

"Everyone is looking for you."

"Tell them a shark ate my foot and I dove in the water to go get it back."

She crossed her arms over her chest, being careful about about her gash, which had been covered in bandages, and raised an eyebrow. "Do you really think they'd believe that?"

"No. Tell them a crab ate my foot instead."

"James!" she said accusingly.

"What?" I asked innocently.

She sighed, marched over and grabbed my arm. She tried to pull me back to camp, but I was stronger than her. My feet stayed planted in the ground while she tried to pull me along. It looked like she was walking in place.

She finally gave up after a while and sat on the ground. I sat next to her. "James," she said after she caught her breath, "if you don't get to camp right now, I'm going to have to tell them I killed you and dumped your body in the ocean."

"You would do that for me?" I asked, leaning forward slightly, acting pleasantly surprised.

She smacked my arm, but not that hard because she was laughing. "Get up right now!" she said looking at me with an expression that said, "Or else."

"Yes, madam," I said with fake entrhusiasm. I finally got up and we walked back to camp.

Karrisa looked relieved. "James, you gotta stop that disappearing act."

"Disappeaing act?" Cassidy said, acting surprised. "James didn't disappear. His foot was eaten by a crab and he dove into the water to get it back."

Everything was silent for a moment. Then everyone burst out laughing for several minutes.

While everyone chatted excitedly and laughed, I stretched out in the sand, looking up at the stars and realized they were the same stars that I could see at home. Home never seemed like such a great place before.

The End

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