Jim: Island

We gathered around the fire. I was thinking it was pretty cool to be shipwrecked, after the initial shock of nearly dying wore off, all I could be was excited. Sure we had no way of getting off the island without help, but people  would be looking for us, and we could set up a signal fire, and go fishing and climbing and stuff. It'd be the real thing, not just camping in a cabin with cell phone chargers and service, and a big ol' mess hall where everybody could eat chocolate pudding and hamburgers. No sir, this was the wild. I'd read all about it, but thought that little wild places like this didnt exist anymore.I looked up from the small fire we'd built and looked up at all the stars.  Amazing!

"Hey, Jim, wake up, dinner time." Kevin was grinning and passing me some food. It must've been in the survival kit as well, one of those army meals that you just needed to add water to. Too hungry to protest, I dug in, pausing more than once to look up again.

"Hey," I said thoughtfully, still looking up. "Couldnt we figure out where we are using those."

The End

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