Cassidy: Swimming is not my thing

When did I start crying? I looked down at the huge gash on my left arm. It was a long and jagged cut. I put pressre on it right away but it wasant going any good. I looked up to see James standing in front of me. He acted quickly and tore off some of his shirt to wrap my arm up. he told me that it would'nt last very long. Then he walked away to check on Karissa who was hyperventilating on the other side of the broken boat.

"Everyone! We need to grab as mant supplies that we can take and swim to the island before we get to far!" Kevin yelled loudly.

I stood up slowly and moved towards my backpack. Luckily it hadnt gone over board. I somehow got it onto my shoulder and moved over towards our consulars. They had our picnic basket, emergancy food kit, first aid kit, blankets and few other things. How on earth were we supposed to take all of that to the island without ruining most of out belongings in the water? Thank goodness I have a water proof if only it would turn into a boat! I told the consulars that they could put our food and blankets into my bag. They looked relieved. As soon as we had gathered our things we started to slowly get off the boat. Soon most of s were in the ocean. Everyone but me, Sarah, and James. Sarah was helped off and into the water. I looked down at my cut. I knew the moment it hit the water it would burn and I would be in major pain. James got into the water next. He yelled up at me.

"Cassidy! Come on!"

I would so rather stay on the boat.

I stood there for another minute before he called up again. I pointed at my arm. he seemed to realize in that moment why.

"It"ll be ok. Just come down! If you swim fast then you'll be out of the water quicker..."

"Swimming is not my thing!" i yelled but reluctantly I started climbing down into the water. As i predicted the moment my injured arm entered the salty water I was in excruting pain. I let out a cry. James stayed by and made sure I stayed with him and the others. I was biteing my lip so i would'nt scream out in pain. But silent tears streamed down my face as we swam. I felt like hours before we finally made it to the shore. I practically ran from the ocean. We all sat on the beach huddleing together. I dont know for sure if I had fainted or just fell into an exhauseted sleep but suddenly everything went black.

The End

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