Sarah: Terrified

What had started out as a fun sailing trip turned into a disaster. First, the councelers allow a 16-year old drive the boat. Then, just when we thought we were going to be ok, we hit some rocks. The boat crashed, and we all flew in all different directions. When I finally recovered from the shock, I noticed an excruciating pain in my right leg. Looking down at it, I realized my ankle was bent at a funny angle. I was sure that at the very least I had fractured it. Everybody was running around frantically. Even the councelers. Everybody seemed to have been hurt. One of the councelers were laying on the deck, hyperventelating. With a little bit of help from two campers I stood up on my uninjured leg and hopped over to where she was. AS soon as she calmed down, the two councelers started to walk around and check on all the campers. Eventually, one of the councelers made it to me. I think her name was Karissa.

"Are you ok?" I looked at her for a second. Had she noticed my ankle? Of cource I wasn't ok!

 "Well, my ankle really hurts." The counceler examined it carefully.

 "Kevin!" She called out. "I need you to find me to straight sticks and some bandages for Sarah!"

"We don't have any bandages! It seems like almost the entire boat needs them!"

"I'm fine. I think I can walk." But as I tried to stand up, an excruciating pain shop through my entire leg. "Or not."

 "Well Sarah, the good news is, you won't have to do chores for a while. The bad news is, your ankle is probably broken." Now speaking to Kevin, she added: "Please keep looking. There must be some in the first-aid kit!"

"It washed overboard!" I spoke up again, despite the pain in my ankle.

"Is my pack still here?"

"Yes, why?" Karissa asked.

"In the very front pocket there is a first aid kit. It has many bandages used for both cuts and bruises. I think I have enough for everybody who needs it." 

"Sarah! You're a lifesaver!"

  At this moment, Kevin walked up to my bag and opened it. Sure enough, there was a firs-aid kit filled with bandages. He came back with two thin metal rods and the first'aid kit. I winced as Karissa started to wrap up my broken ankle. This wasn't exactly my idea of a fun sailing trip. Even with a broken ankle, I don't think I was the worst of them all. Cassidy couldn't stop her arm from bleeding, and it would probably need stitches.  But, thaks to my parents, I had a spool of steril thread and a sterile needle used mainly for stitching up wounds. My dad is a doctor, so he brings these things home for us to put in our first-aid kits, which he insists we always carry. I never noticed the significance of it until now. 

"How am I going to walk?" I asked Karissa. Surely she wouldn't make me sit around and do nothing while we waited for rescue.

"Well kid, as of right now, you won't. Eventually we can go out into the trees on the island and make you some crutches from sticks, but for a day or two, I'm afraid you won't be able to do anything."

"Isn't there something we could use on the boat? Shouldn't there be some crutches in here or something?"

 "As far as I know, no."

"Well, did you chech the emergency door? It's a trapdoor between the chairs and the wheels. I know that most kits do have a pair of crutches in them."

"Sarah, when we get back to camp, you are getting an award for extreme bravery and preparedness. I don't think we could live without you. . No, I didn't know there was a trapdoor with emergency supplies! Where exactly is it?"

"Well, at the moment, Jim's unconcious body is on top of it."

"Great. Kevin! Can you move Jim onto the seat please?"

 "Aren't we not supposed to move hin until we're sure he's stable?"

"I saw him hit, he is stable enough to be moved." Kevin quickly moved Jim onto one of the seats and started trying to revive him with a damp, wet washclot. Karissa quickly walked over to the trapdoor and opened it. Sure enough, there was a pair of crutches, as well as enough dry food to last ten people about a week. It also had ten sleeping bags, a tent, and a water purifier. Underneath all this was a huge first aid kit, filled with everything you could possibly need, including ten flashlights and extra bandages. To many people, this would just be unneccisary. But Sarah could tell by the look on Karissa's face that to her it meant survival. They were going to live.

The End

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