James: Aftermath

Aporale thought he could drive a boat. Well, he was in for an ugly surprise. After he steered the boat into the rocks, or at least that's how it looked to me, he flew sideways into the side of the boat and was knocked unconcious. I looked around. Everyone was disoriented.

Cassidy had a long, thin gash up her arm. She was trying to stop the bleeding as she sat in the middle of the deck. Sarah was holding her ankle, which had twisted at a funnny angle when the boat had crashed. I don't think it was broken. Bree was hugging her knees to her chest, her lips moving soundlessly. I had a feeling she was singing.

Nessie-Sue was rubbing her arm, near her wrist, where a bruise had appeared. Kevin was holding a hand over his left eye, where I'm sure a bruise was forming. Karissa was coughing out seawater. There was a scrape on her cheek that was bleeding.

I probably had a few bruises but was otherwise unhamed. I moved over to Cassidy, who was not succeeding in trying to stop the flow of blood.

"Are you alright?" I asked quietly.

She looked startled that I actually had the ability to speak. She looked at her cut, which was still bleeding badly. She looked pale and scared.

I looked at the people around the boat. Aporale was still unconscious. Nessie-Sue and Bree were trying to help Sarah stand up. Kevin was helping Karissa breathe.

I exhaled sharply. I grabbed my left shirt sleeve and tore it off.

"Give me your arm," I said to Cassidy.

She swallowed and held out her bleeding arm. I wrapped my shirt sleeve around her gash and tied it tightly.

"That won't hold for long," I told her seriously, "But it'll have to hold until we get real bandages."

She looked at me like "How hard did you hit your head?"

I got up and moved to Karissa. She was lying down on the deck on her back, hyperventilating.

"Calm down, Karissa," Kevin was saying. He looked worried, and like he didn't know what to do.

"Breathe, Karissa," Sarah said as she limped over. She had her arms draped around Bree's and Nessie-Sue's shoulders. Cassidy scooted over. Kevin got up and walked over to Aporale, who was stirring.

Everyone except me talked to Karissa, trying to call her down. Karissa was still freaking out, until I put my hand on her shoulder. She stopped breathing altoghter and stared at me. I stared back. She exhaled a large breath and turned away.

"I'm fine now," she said, sitting up. "Shoo."

"How are we going to get to the island?" Kevin asked, standing up.

"We're going to have to swim," Aporale said, standing up, his hand on his forehead.


The End

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