Jim: Emergency

The wave hit us, swamping the deck. We were all soaked through. The sky was dark, 'cept for the lightning. Such a nice trip had turned out so badly. All the girls were huddled in a circle around the counselors, as the waves beat against us, pushing us. The mast was close to breaking. One of the counselors was pulling on the ropes to the sails. Trying to bring it down. I took all this in just before a second huge wave crashed down on us. I slid several feet and was nearly washed off the deck. I grabbed onto the railing and saw some of the younger girls swept off the deck completely. When the water released us, I crashed down on the side of the ship, hanging from the slippery rail.

Was it just me or was that island closer than before. Then I saw the rocks. We were headed right for them!

Sharp jagged things with water foaming around their bases and waves crashing on their points. The boat would not survive those rocks.

"Hard to port!" I shouted. I didnt exactly know what I just said, didnt know if anyone heard me, we just had to turn this ship. The wheel was spinning wildly, I caught it and pulled hard. Look at me, I'm driving a boat! The crazy thought whipped through my head and gone again. Thankfully the boat turned, but it wasnt enough, we were too close now. A third and final wave crashed over the deck, pulling me from the wheel, all around, dark shapes flew past through the water, then


The End

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