Nessie: Wave

We were all getting pretty worried by the time the clouds had rolled up. I could see a couple of people openly shivering, and I could see that though the counselors were still smiling their brows were gradually getting more furrowed.

And then the youngest girl started to sing Twist and Shout by the Beatles, and by the look of her she didn't realise she was singing out loud! We clapped her, and then one of the counselors said something about an island.

I turned to the side of the boat, and through the haze of the incoming rain torrents I could vaguely see a small humpy shape. I seem to have remembered an island mentioned earlier.

As I watched, I felt someone behind me, and wondered who it was.

I turned and came face to face with a tall green-eyed boy who looked quite a bit older than me. But before I could ask him what he was standing behind me for I heard someone scream, "Look out!"

I turned again, and was confronted by a large green wave rising up in front of me, heading straight for the boat. I held my breath, just standing there. I don't know why. I generally react quicker. But it was heading right for the boat.

"Get ready to bale!" yelled the girl counselor. One of the girl was screaming hysterically, and the guy counselor was frantically pulling the ropes, or sheets, as he had taught us to call them.

Suddenly I felt an arm on my shoulder, pulling me and then shoving me across the deck. I think I shouted, but my breath was knocked away, and I was gasping for air. And then the wave folded over the deck on top of me and the green-eyed boy who had knocked me over.

The End

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