Bree: Worry

The boat rocked and rocked again and again. My eyes bulged and my subject did a flip flop. Oh, no, sea sickness.

I closed my eyes concentrating on repeating the Twist and Shout by the Beatles. I knew it by heart after I sung it for the third grade talent show.

Twist and Shout

Shake it up baby,

twist and shout

I ended the song in perfect harmony and opened my eyes. What I saw was horrifying, eyes staring at me with such curiousity.

Then Sarah started clappping then everybody joined in. Creating a rythmatic Round Of Applause. That roared out the sound of the angry waves.

I had sung it aloud!

My face turned a deep violet. I hated all the attention. I was so stupid. Why did I have to sing it aloud?

"Bree sing it again!!!!!!" on of the fourteen year olds said.

"Yeah." They started chanting.

"You like it?"


"I'll sing after. Right now we need to get to that island."

The End

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