Sarah: The storm

Ok, so this trip wasn't going as well as I thought. We first climbed in, and all was going great. Then the storm hit. The boat tossed and turned, making me almost feel sick to my stomach. I knew we were really in trouble when one of the girls fell overboard. But the councelers seemed calm, so I tried not to worry. After a while though, the look on the face of the councelers changed from easygoing to extremely worried. I had flown over here in a plane before, so I knew the ocean area. Judging by the wind, we were being blown towards an island. Since the councelers seemed like they didn't know what to do, I carefully climbed out of my seat and walked over to them. My nerdiness was showing once again. But this time, I might actually save a few lives. They immediately told me to sit down. But the boy seemed to actually want to listen to me for a change. I took a map from the girl counceler's backpack and showed them the island. the boy then ruffled my red hair and said:

"Thanks kid."

I hate being called a kid. After that, I returned to my seat and braced myself for a very bumpy ride. I thought I was prepared for what was ahead. But not even one of the most advanced survival cources could have prepared me for what was ahead.

The End

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