Karissa -- Danger

The wind picked up as did the waves. Our little boat rocked dangerously and the campers began to grip things to stay in place. I gripped the steering wheel nervously, glancing up at Kevin to see if he was even a little worried.

He wasn't. Of course. He was too busy joking with one of the campers--Jim I think was his name.

So I turned back to the wheel and tried to keep the thing under control. I was just taking deep breaths to calm myself when one of the other campers shrieked. My heart began racing all over again and I spun around to see that one of the campers--Nessie--had fallen overboard. The other girls gripped her wet arms and were pulling desperatly against the current.

I instinctively wanted to let go of the wheel but that would get us in more trouble. Annoyed, I blew the wet hair from my face and turned to my co-counselor, "KEVIN!!"

He jumped and shot me a what-gives look. Scowling, I nodded towards the scene behind us. Kevin turned and jumped again, rushing into action and clearing the other girls away so he could pull Nessie back aboard. Jim, armed with a dampened-towel, wasn't far behind.

My eyes fell on James and I slightly frowned. He was looking up at Kevin skeptically as if he had just proved him wrong for something. But as soon as Kevin glanced his direction, he glued his eyes back on the restless sea.

Finally Kevin secured a shivering Nessie with the girls who'd tried to save her and came back to my side, "Alright. You win."

"What do we do?" I hollered over the roaring wind.

"I have a suggestion." We both turned to see Sarah's freckled face.

"Go back to your seat," I ordered, but Kevin slightly shook his head, waiting to hear what she had to say.

She pulled out the map I had stored in my backpack and unfolded it, "There's an island right here. If I'm not mistaken, the storm has knocked us off our original route and a little closer to it. If we keep going East--"
"Perfect!" Kevin exclaimed, ruffling her red hair, "Thanks, kid."

He then turned to me, "Let me take the wheel. We need someone back there to make sure no one else falls out."

I suddenly realized how sore my arms had become from being so tense and nodded in consent, making sure he had control before scrambling back to the cluster of campers.

"Are you alright?" I asked. The one with curly, black hair--Brianna, or Bree if my memorization was correct--answered first.

"Yeah. We're fine. But if we don't get somewhere soon it might not last long."

I could concur with that. But I turned to the other, more quiet girl, "Cassidy, right?"

She looked up and smiled, "Yes."

"And Nessie?"

She shivered and nodded.

I nodded in turn and then gripped the side of the boat as it rocked again, "Don't worry girls. We'll make it out of this and then head back to camp where you can all sit by the warm fire."

The End

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