Cassidy: Storm

I sat by myself uncomfortable being around people I didnt know very well...well except for Karissa. She's the head consular in my cabin. She was at the head of the boat with the other consulare on the trip. I think he's name is Kevin. She just so happened to leave her clipboard with the names of all the other kids here on the boa beside me so I looked at it.


Jim Aporale-16: Present

Jenna Baker-17: Absent

Sarah Jones-14: Present

Nessie-Sue Montgomery-14: Present

Brianna Sinclair-13: Present

James Stone-15:Present

Carter Weatherford-17: Absent

Cassidy Wilson-15: Present

Aw I am sad. There is only one other person my age and he is a boy. And from the looks of it not very talkitive. I looked over towards him and saw Jim trying to start a conversation and failing. James only nodded his head and gave short answers. Jim finally gave up and went over to Kevin. I didnt realize I was still stareing at him until he looked my way and raised an eyebrow at me. I blushed and looked out at sea. I felt rain fall upon my cheek. I looked up at the sky. More rain started to fall, the wind grew stronger, the air started to grow colder. The storm had hit us.

The End

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