I was practically dancing on air when I had heard that I was chosen to go on this special boating trip. I have been at this camp for three years now, and I have never been picked for anything up until now. I excitedly pulled on a life vest and waited at the harbour. There were two other girls there, but I had not yet caught their names. I excitedly packed a sack lunch and waited for further instruction. While we waited, I decided to get to know the girls. I walked up to une that had flowing long honey blonde hair.

"Hi," I said, "What's your name?"

"Cassidy Jo Wilson. But you can call me Cass or Cassie."

"So, is this your first time going on this trip?"

"Well, yeah." She said, "This is my first year after all."

"Really? It's my third year." Looking out into the distance, I noticed stormclouds gathering. "Those clouds look like Cumilo Nimbus" I said. I can be kindof a nerd sometimes. "I sure hope we don't get rained out."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Those clouds are kindof scaring me."

I wanted to talk with her some more, but soon all the other campers had arrived. We all boarded the boat and prepared for the day at sea. Little did we know that this peaceful ride would turn into a nightmare.

The End

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