I was super excited when one of my cabin consolers picked me to go sailing with them and a few other kids. They said that we would go out for the day, and have lunch at sea. I figured that we would probably go swimming to, so I packed my suit and some extra clothes in a small bag.This year was my first time at Camp Anchor, so I didn’t know very many people. Most kids have been coming here for years.

I walked over to the dock where everyone was meeting. I was dressed like most of the other kids, dark blue camp t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. I didn’t know or recognize any of the other kids waiting to board the boat. I think there were about 10 of us all together including the youth consolers.

 “Ok kids, lets go!” one of the consolers yelled from the boat. We all boarded.

It was about medium size, not really big, but not super small either. All the campers took a seat, mingling with each other. I’ve only made a couple friends at camp, Sabrina Louis and Lillian Scott. Neither of them of course were going on the trip with us. I sighed softly to myself as the consolers set sail. I looked at the direction we were going. Dark storm clouds were forming. My excitement turned to fear. I really hoped that the storm would pass us.

The End

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