Drake: The complexMature

After my airport ride to Duress techs own city. I get picked up and drive through the endless buildings that cover earth.  It was hard to find a spot of earth without buildings. We learned to grow things in buildings that reached far into the sky.  That was still not enough for the world to support itself with this overpopulation. Sooner or later if space isn't found the New empire and the South americain , North american territories , and europian will make space with war.  It was a fair bit of pressure on both nations to either make a space craft able to travel into the distant stars or create a micro universe. It seemed we focussed on micro universeses as they focussed on space travel.

We drove up into a large complex with high security even some of it was run by the goverment. This complex must be very important for something that may have more security then our own goverment. It walls where about 100 feet in the wall made with a special oranged coloured nano fiber that it is nearly impenetrable. Inside the wall are several buildings made of the same thing. all about kilometer into the sky. I 'm directed to the main building where I meet one of the executive board members of Duress tech name Logan.

" Drake Spornson, I'm glad you have accepted the job. I'm guessing your trip over was more than adequate." Logan says.

" You guys don't need to treat me like a king. I am after all your employee."  I hated how they treated me so well. It made me feel guilty , it also made me work harder for them so my first class flights and five star meals are paid back. I guess that was why they did that though.

" Well you are very respectable employee." Logan says gesturing for a tour of the building.

" Look Logan I can take the tour later. Lets get to buisness what do I need to do today?"

" Well the biggest thing is skills evaluation." I give him a stare of thats bull, "I'm sorry  Drake its a new policy."

" Well I guess I'll go. Take me there."

" This way Drake." He pointed at large  obsidian black double doors.

Once I got in I was somewhat blinded by the whiteness of the room. As my eyes adjusted I noticed it was just the lighting through the glass panels. It had several doors leading to different testing rooms.

" Lets got to target testing." I say happily whipping out my pistol.


The End

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