Decisions, Decisions.Mature

Riel sat down at her dining room table and pulled a crumpled cigarette from its' pack.She turned the pack on its' end but no others came out. With a shrug, she lit  up  and took a long drag and the smell of cloves filled the air. As if sensing that its' owner was in a better mood, a small  russian blue cat hopped onto Riel's lap and began  to purr steadily. Riel smiled down at the small mass of fur and scratched it behind the ears.

"What do you think, Bast?Should I look into this job?" No response from the cat, she just wiggled and butted her head against riel's hand. Her green eyes rolled as she looked down at the animal.

"Yeah you're right, money is awfully tight right now. I mean, girls like me who only have skills in hacking shit up don't get much work these days, you know?" More quiet purring from bast. Riel seemed to have made up her mind. Reaching for a phone, she called the first number Drake had given her.

"Yes, an associate told me you were looking for skilled field agents?"

The End

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