Drake: just a job ideaMature

" Its not want this time Riel, just a good jobs come up. Durress tech made a Micro universe they need people with combat experience and few scientist to explore it.  Are you in?" 

" Let me think about it Drake." she replies

" Okay hear I leave you the numbers. I hope to see you there." I said then gave her the numbers.

I hang the phone up grab my handy custome handgun. Man it shape was old served; it me well back when I served the resistance agianst the new empire. Since then I have had it rebuilt and have a better firing mechanism, not it fires 3 times as fast and as powerful.  I put slam it in a holster that had been put into my pants.  Then put my long , but thin leathe jacket which gave me a somewhat proffesional look.  With my small amount of clothing and what little posesions I needed pack. I got into my car and drove to the airport. My fairs where already paid for.

Security sucked since they didn't quite agree with with my special ops badge , but atleast it was faster having my badge then forgetting it. Once I got onto the plane I fell asleep.

The End

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