Amber and her new assignmentMature

I walked casually into work on a normal Tuesday morning, my gun pressed against my ribs, a coffee in my hand as I sat at my desk.  I was so bored, I hadn't had a new assignment in weeks, I didn't even know why I kept coming into work, habit I guess.

I looked in the mirror opposite my desk.  My blonde hair was a mess and my dark brown eyes looked tired.  I hadn't been sleeping well.  People wondered how I could do my job with such long hair but the truth is, once you've gotten used to it, it doesn't bother me.

World-champion judo fighter, trained in hand-to-hand combat from an early age coupled with an amazing aim with any kind of gun made me the youngest service assassin ever at the age of 20.  I was also one of the best.  I had never failed in any mission I had been set.

My boss Lloyd came over to my desk and perched on the corner.

'I have a new assignment for you.'  Finally!  He led me to his office and shut the door behind me.

'So who's my target?'  I was ready to go, I hadn't felt this prepared for ages.

'There isn't one.'  Lloyd sank down into his chair.

'But you said you had a new assignment for me.'

'Yes I did, but I didn't say it included a target.  This operation is being run a friend of mine and they want one of our people in there.  You're the best so I chose you.'

'OK then, what's this operation?'  He leaned in secretively.

'Have you ever heard of Micro Worlds?'

The End

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