Riel and the propositionMature

Riel awoke to the jarring nose of her cell phone ringing. It wasn't a cheery song or hipster beat like most people had, but the loudest and most obnoxious, ring she could find. Riel was not a cheery person, or a person for frills so it was the only that suited.  A pale arm snaked out from beneath the covers to grab the phone and retreated back in.  She opened the small flip phone and felt her lip curl when she saw who was calling. She let it ring for a moment longer, debating on whether to pick up at all, and then answered.

"Hello Drake, what do you want this time?"

"Oh Riel, is that any way to greet an old brother in arms?" he tutted. Riel felt her full lips curl in extreme dislike. Whenever Drake called, it was always because he wanted something from her.

"Yeah it is, especially when that person wakes me up too early with their bullshit."

"Oh, ouch. Harsh as ever I see." Riel sighed, and sat up in her nest of blankets. She ran a hand through her long black hair and padded into her small kitchen. She turned on the coffee maker and inhaled the deep scent of her special columbian blend. It was the only thing that was going well this morning.

"I'll say it again, what do you want Drake?"

The End

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