Shift 1Mature

Welcome to the hectic world that scientist created. Shift 1 is the first stable micro universe ever. 10 people have been chosen to enter Shift 1. Once they get there though things don't seem as they seem.

"We are the children you reject and disregard , These aching cries from the bottom of our hearts" My Mp3 alarm clock says. 

" Rise agianst, From Heads Unworthy." I mutter. Its a habit to name the song I wake up to. 

" Love loss like a bullets path , tear through the cavity of my chest." The the alarm continues I hit the off button. 

Its a good song but not the nicest stuff to listen to in the morning.  I reach into my clothing drawer and grab a black long sleeve with Special ops written on the side. More like scientific secret ops.  I pulled on a pair of black jeans. Which had so many hidden pockets that it would tak about an hour to do a full search.  After I get dressed I check my message on the computer. I had one message from  Duress tech. Its been a while since they needed my skills.

My job to put it simply involves things that the rest of the world won't see for another 5-10 years. I either proteceted equipment tested it.  last time I talked to Duress tech it was about the theory of micro universes that are stable. Which eventually they hope to make more space on earth since it was becoming over populated , and we are running out of food for ever human on earth.  It was ingenius idea but Micro universes usually are unstable and radioactive. There is also alot of problems with time dilations or compression. I opened the email.

Dear Mr spornson or Drake

We would like to have you on a ten man expedition. Your skills in combat and in studying would come in handy.

Did they actually create a Micro universe? If so this is going to be one interesting trip, and the pays going to be outrageous

The End

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