This Is A Horrible Idea

   "No, Cupid."

    Pluto automatically knew the idea was absolutely ridiculous. "Pluto, seriously. Come on," Cupid pleaded, giving his friend a pout. Pluto shook his head. "I'm not doing that. Ever. Just like I wasn't going to do it so many years ago when we decided to take that 'ironic' visit to Rome," Pluto said as he opened the book he was reading back up and decided to try ignoring his friend.

   Cupid furrowed his brows at him before snatching the leather bound book up away from Pluto's grasp. Pluto tried to grab it back but Cupid took a few steps away. "Shakespeare? I always knew you were a slight romantic but, honestly...Romeo and Juliet? Really? I'm pretty sure, William, wrote this as a joke," he said as he gave Pluto an amused grin.

   Pluto rolled his eyes. "I was in the middle of finishing that...give it back," he said in a very monotone voice. Cupid quirked an eyebrow at his friend. "Okay listen, this isn't even about getting that pretty farm girl's attention anymore. It's just about seeing you let go once in awhile, because this stress," Cupid took his free hand and gestured to all of Pluto, "is not a good look for you. Stop spending years at a time with the dead, Pluto," Cupid said simply.

   Pluto gave his friend an irritated look. Cupid still didn't hand his book back to him though. "Listen...once you do this, I will not bother you about it again. Imagine how dull that lovely young woman's life is most of the time. Now take your life and compare it. Also very tedious, considering your a god and all. But add this little bit to it, BOOM not as boring! Me and you will laugh about this centuries from now," Cupid explained with a shrug of his shoulders.

   Pluto stared at Cupid in silence for a moment. He shook his head again letting out an annoyed sigh. "Pluto, I mean it...and also this shouldn't be that much of a problem, you know how long it was before they made trousers. Everyone just didn't even care. Remember how great it was not to care!? Now it's time for you to venture into the familiar and streak across the field without the feeling of having any responsibilities," Cupid said. "I dared you to do this over a couple thousand years ago and you never did it. So it's time for you to do it and get it out of the way."

   "You're never going to actually let that go are you?" Pluto asked with an exasperated expression. Cupid shook his head. " disappointed a lot of very beautiful woman that day. You broke a rule of mine. I don't disappoint beautiful woman. And neither will you," Cupid said as he finally handed the book back. "Do it..."

   Pluto took the book from him and looked down at it for a moment before letting out a groan and tilted his head back in an aggravated fashion before finally turning away from his friend and setting the book down next to the tree. "Okay fine. No more bothering me about this afterwards though, just like you promised! And to make this more even, you take the other side of the field," Pluto said as he pointed towards the right side. Cupid shrugged with another one of his playful grins. "Gladly."

   That day the farmer's daughter definitely did have a story to take back home with her.

   "Two full grown men ran past me in the nude today."

    And Pluto and Cupid did in fact laugh about it for hundreds of years to come, just as Cupid said they would.

The End

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