Just A Bit Of Fun

Cupid and Pluto are two of the main characters in me and my friends story that we will be writing. This is one headcanon that I did in fact accept and decide did happen. Pluto has been best friends with Cupid since they were children up in Olympus. As you can maybe imagine, I made it so the god of love was a rather mischievous personality, as well as much more outgoing than his soft spoken friend, Pluto. Of course Cupid and Pluto still get into shenanigans together.

   "She's cute, you know," Cupid said with a rather impish smile of his. He sat under a large tree, back against the trunk of it as he looked out over the field. His bright blue eyes stayed on the young woman who was gathering wild flowers in the apron of her dress. "Seems like your type. Probably a great conversationalist, if you'd just go over there and START A CONVERSATION." Pluto kept his gaze towards the leather bound book in his hands, not bothering to look down at his friend from his standing position.

   "Honestly, Cupid...whenever I come up here with you I don't need you trying to pair me up with some random girl," he said with a shake of his head as his eyes scanned over the inked words. "Since when was the last time you had a bit of fun, my friend?" Cupid asked as he tilted his head so he could look up at Pluto. "We all know what you mean by fun, Cupid," Pluto said with a small roll of his eyes. "Yes...and when was the last time you had fun?" Cupid asked once again as he gave a playful grin and a raise of his eyebrows. "What was it? 15th century?" he added teasingly.

   Pluto quirked an eyebrow and finally looked up from the book, in order to look over at Cupid. "I cared about her, Cupid. That was different. You know why I'd prefer not to get involved with anyone else," he said as he shut the book. "Of course. But it doesn't necessarily mean that you can't enjoy yourself. I'm not saying that it needs to involve anyone intimately. But the least you could do is relax. I say we get her attention," Cupid said as he looked back over at her. She still roamed around the giant field picking flowers absentmindedly. "Or we could not do that," Pluto replied as he began to walk away from the tree.

   Cupid got up and walked around the tree stopping his friend with a hand to his shoulder. "Come on, Pluto. Just a bit of fun. That's it," he said with a hopeful look in his eye and another one of his smiles. Pluto looked at the other god silently and then let out a tired sigh. "Alright...I'll play along," he said with a small smile of his own.

The End

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