She Talks To Angels

From Plotto. Unfinished and abandoned.

Donna listened closely to the preacher, her heart in rapture at his words.  She knew, already, where she was going to after this life, and she was proud of it.  But she did not brag about it, knowing that would be a symbol of pride.  It was one of the Catholic sins, but if one was proud of one’s beliefs, that was, of course, different.

She did brag about it to the non-believers in her work, and in her apartment complex.  She left pamphlets all around her desk, and her Bible was there in case anyone wanted to use it.  No one ever did.  On Saturdays, she would walk with her friends and they would canvass house to house, spreading the Word of God.  And, of course, she tithed her 10%, knowing that it was always for a good cause.

This Saturday she was canvassing the northern part of the city, where there were hardly any inner city folk who needed the Word of God.  But even up here, among the oaks and pines, among the split-level ranches and picket fences, there were some who needed their Word.

There was a lot of distance between houses here, and a couple of times some people passed by them so closely that they felt the wind whip their jackets or skirts.  It didn’t matter.  Donna was going to give the Word to some needy people here – though most people ran away or slammed doors in their faces.

They went in pairs.  Her pair was Henrico, who usually did the inner city.  He had a very heavy accent and was hard to understand from most people, so Donna did most of the talking in these parts of town.   They approached a house with a bare lawn and a large oak tree. 

Donna rang the doorbell and they waited.  The rules were to not wait very long, and to leave a copy of their pamphlet on the door handle….


(Was trying to think of a normal twist that I have for most stories of this type, but couldn’t think of anything without making it sound horrible.)

Plotto sections:

872. (Female protagonist) feels she is going insane --> 1067. Female protagonist fails to understand how her fretful disposition makes others unhappy --> 976. Female protagonist believes the practice of the religious virtues is the crying need of the world and seeks by her own life to exemplify her convictions.

The End

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