The Other SideMature

Chinese planes cruised past us, bombing the defence the army put up earlier. Friendly AA guns stopped attempting to help us, instead trying to thin the line of fighters attempting a bombing run. Our numbers dwindled and Colonel Scott screamed "Head count!"

"Bulldog 1 here!"

"Eagle 2 alone!"

I yelled, "Bulldog 3 here!"

Colonel Scott bitterly laughed, "Damn..."

A silence followed. Scott forcefully said "Okay, General Higgins needs time. Let's rock them."

I broke of from the three J-20s trying to shred me, breaking my Raptors safe speed of Mach one point six.

More lock on alarms then I even knew I had screamed, quickly overlapping each-other. Holy shit, try and lock me with this.

My fighter rolled and accelerated to mach one point six towards the burning forest. I pulled up, moving through the smoke. Missiles smacked into the ground behind me, confused by the forests heat. Panicking I looped back around, keeping as much speed as possible without blacking out. The five fighters tailing me came into view, half a click away. Locks flashed across my HUD and I launched all of my anti-air missiles. They accelerated to at least Mach 2 before shredding four targets, already speeding at mach 1. The last fighter spun towards me, launching a missile with half a second to spare before we passed each-other. With a tenth of a second to react, I dipped my plane to the left. The missile flew through the back of my plane, plummeting my fighter. My hand grabbed the ejection handle. Mist clouded my eyes, then my spine compressed as I ejected. Dammit... sorry Mojave. 

The Chinese fighters ignored me, moving to help the army capture Serenity instead. Colonel Scott mumbled "It's over, anyone left in the air pull back."

Katrina Mojaves voice sparked on my radio. Tears filled my eyes. She repeated the question "Where are you?!" You know where I am... a floating triangle on your HUD. 

I took a long, deep breath, grateful that the noise somewhat subsided. "Katrina, keep going and do me one favour. Rock these bastards for me and Duke... I'm sorry I let Duke die. That I let you down... and that I didn't ever return the kiss. Keep going, don't stop."

Mojave cried over the com. "Daniel... dammit... what about your family?"

"Don't have one... Katrina, I'll see you on the other side."

A bomb visibly dropped in the distance. Katrina replied "See you on the other side."

A bright light flashed.

The End

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