Project Serenity was locked in a high valley in the mountains. Thankfully, only one road actually led to this particular valley, which the army fortified for five days straight. The steep slope on both sides with high winds made Chinese helicopters lives hell trying to get up without crashing and their mechanized couldn't get up. However, that didn't mean they wouldn't simply march up the road. Instead, their bombers dropped thermal bombs, burning the forest up to the armies position. The marines had to bug out while the heavy mechanized division stayed, protected by their thermal barriers inside. I flew over all this mess, taking it all in. Suddenly, someone put Buffalo Springfields song For What It's Worth on the com. A grin crossed my face. Bring it.

Sidewinder laughed, pulling to the left. She said "Hornet, new orders. Match lead, mach one point two, weapons free on mechanized, on me!"

We dived into the valley, leveling out twenty feet above the treeline.

Makes you wonder what Dukes rank is now. 

The smoke cleared, allowing the Chinese to see twenty-four Supersonic Fighters sprinting through the smoke half a click away. Missile locks immediately filled my visor. Air to surface missiles flew from our fighters, smacking into Chinese tanks and AA batteries. By the time we turned south, they had just heard the sonic boom, deafening gas-mask clad soldiers below.

We followed the lead fighter out of the valley, just out of their AA batteries sight. Behind us, bombers carpet bombed the forest, destroying advancing tanks while AC-130s attacked the main battle group we just hit. Pilots screamed over the com. and our lead commander asked "Does Fortunate War Son sound good?!"

The majority of the pilots yelled their approval while a small minority stayed silent, angry at an un-professional commander. Buffalo Springfield ended, instantly replaced by Fortunate War Son. The lead commander joyfully said "Good evening ladies and gentleman, I'm your wing leader Colonel Scott, music ends when the air action begins. Until then, follow me for the next dive, enjoy the ride!"

We dived back into the valley, dropping bombs and firing missiles into targets at will. The Chinese tried to find cover amid the explosions, just happy that most of their mechanized had already started to move up. Their AA, however, was soon eradicated by trigger happy pilots. So trigger happy in fact, that Colonel Scott gave the order for a quarter of the fighters at any point in time to be re-supplying while the rest flew around, guarding the AC-130s. He gave the order too soon. Over the mountains, the Chinese airforce flew in, realizing that they had left the army un-guarded for too long. Missiles locked on and the music ended.

The End

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