My fighter roared into a circle, pressing my body into the seat. I narrowly came into a head on confrontation with a J-20 chasing Duke before my missile locked. The surprised pilot had no time to react before his cockpit was shredded. Duke chuckled "What happened to Fox 1 Hornet?"

"Never had a chance to say it." 

A drop of water smacked my canopy. This is not good.

Duke mumbled "Rain, rain go away..."

It quickly intensified over the next few minutes. A full shower limited our visibility. In the distance, a flash appeared, followed quickly by a shattering boom. 

My wings shook and a bright light just below the clouds caught my attention. Duke stated "I'm going in."

I hesitated to follow him to the heavens. Up there, the rain could freeze our wings, leaving the only advantage in afterburners. An extremely fast environment with limited manouverability. 


"Yeah, about four hundred meters."

I reached the dogfight, tense, ready but tired. To my right, Duke dodged a missile slowly. It can't have been that quick!

The sun made a final bow and disappeared. Tense, I test out my plane and quickly realize my theory was right. The rain is freezing my plane. My left wings flaps were already freezing. Grimacing, I yelled into the radio "Duke, go hot on the burner!"

He took my suggestion and gave his fighter all it had, trying to dry his fighter with speed. Let's hope this works.

A J-20 pulled up behind him and riddled his engine with rounds. He narrowly ejected before his plane exploded, something falling from his body. I dropped my radio. Duke was the only other one to have a useful radio. 

I quickly started protecting Duke as he fell, dropping flares around him and firing the remainder of my missiles at the random planes attempting to kill him. His chute froze and he tumbled towards the earth. I froze as he dropped out of site. The urge to go after him tugged at me, despite how useless the action would be. Sighing, I stayed in the dogfight until I realized that I was among three planes fighting twelve. Grimacing, I deployed my last flare, cut of my engine and fell to the earth. I re-activated my engine at a thousand meters, pulled up at a low power and headed back to the airfield. The airfield was already seized by hostile ground troops. Choked, I headed to our last real line of defence. Defiant air and land force base. 


The End

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