The amount of planes quickly became ludicrous. It seemed like the entire Chinese air force was here to break us. Little did we know that we weren't far from the truth. 

                To add onto it, our communications were hellish. Frustrated, I spent all of my time trying to take down their jammers. Teeth clenched, I pulled up until verticle, fired two missiles manually and pulled back. They hit their target, smashing through a chinese missile jammer. I glimpsed English lettering on the side uncle sam dies! My first indication that we were fighting farmers. Through the explosions, another jammer caught my eye. I hesitated then pulled right, hoping that none of their J-20s weren't busy. A warthog peeled in and fired a couple hundred fifty millimeter rounds into the jammer, shredding the hull. It's fuselage ignited, a fierce fireball in mid-air. I knew there was a reason why we're keeping the warthogs!

                I throttled the after burner on and off, keeping the engine just below maximum heat leves.  A missile followed by gunfire smashed a F-35 in front, I narrowly managed to dive and avoid the flaming wreckage. Where are their jammers?!

                A bright light flashed above me and a split second of static appeared before every American pilot caught on. I formed a channel with the rest of the Hounds, yelling "Where the hell are you Mojave?"

 Duke feigned hurt "I'm here too!"

               "I only need to find her to find y-"

               Mojave yelled "CUT THE CRAP! Hornet and Duke, you both have my position pinged now... new order, fall in and concentrate on their bombers."

Something didn't feel right. Their radar planes were right in the open. Duke practically read my mind, saying "Somethings wrong."

I quickly said "Radar planes with the main force?"

Mojave cut in "Ag-fucking- agreed, just stay on me!"

Her fighter pulled up, the clouds shifting to break the sun into her field of view. Duke screamed "SIDEWINDER, EVADE!"

She pulled to the left as a missile clipped her rear fin. Her fighter disappeared and Duke was no-wheres to be seen. I flipped a switch and hoped that their locations would appear on my visor. Nothing. Groaning, I yelled into my com., receiving no answer. I dipped down and two holes appeared in my canopy. The air practically got sucked out and a chilling wind bit my body. A J-20 flew ahead of me, the pilot realizing his mistake in velocity. Hands trembling, I followed him, firing missiles. He rolled, dived and used at least seven flares. He put his air brakes up and pulled hard to the right, going in a circle. Teeth grinding, I followed him, trying to lock on with my last missile. The J-20 practically came to a stand still as it pulled a crazy right turn, dipping slightly. He ended up behind me and it became my turn to evade. The dedicated bastard kept on my tail, firing. A missile warning blared and I turned my head around, seeing it closing in faster and faster. Cringing, I pulled left into a tight circle, my hands going numb from the cold. 

The canopy started fracturing from the bullet holes. I pulled right, hard. My ears rang as the bullet holes increased in size, sending more air in. Something pinched my neck. Concentrating, I dived upside down, pulling up.

Something wet and dark splattered across my visor. As the realization struck, I finally felt the searing pain in my neck.



The End

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