Katrina "Sidewinder" Mojave

Dispatching the last bomber was simple, the large craft lumbered through the air guarded only by a nose and tail set of anti-air machine guns. Sure it had countermeasures to redirect missiles but these Chinese assholes were gonna get some payback. I toggled guns and dove 1, 000 feet under the bomber, where it's guns couldn't reach me. I glared angrily up at the beasts exposed belly, just a few bullets and the plane would crumple and die! 

"Fox One!" I shouted, turning vertical and pulling the gun's trigger. Light flared at my aircraft's nose, as tracers and bullets sliced through the bomber. Static mixed with screams as I made a seconds pass, shattering the cockpit. The giant turned towards the ground and tumbled, it's tail section falling into the fuselage. Explosions rocked the air while it's intended ordinance detonated. 

"That's right you bastards!" I grumbled, angry that they had managed to catch me off guard or that they would even attempt such a sorry excuse for a sneak attack. 

"Duke here, I just scrambled. What's going on?" I leveled out my flight, Hornet moved adjacent to my right wing, Duke to my left. 

"Chinese thought's they'd get lucky with a tiny sneak attack." I responded. 

"Shit I missed the action," Duke whined. Young cut in. 

"I don't think that their through with us, there's no way the Chinese would attack us full force at the beginning of the war, then get blue balls the second we retreat into our home turf." Turning the squadron towards the base, I keyed my comms. 

"Hornet's right, One bomber is nothing when the Chinese have over a half a billion people in their military. Tower, you getting all this?" The tower responded with an affirmative, giving us clearance to land. 

"Negative Tower, Hound Squadron is going to run patrol around the ba-" 

"Hound squadron! Divert towards the southern tip of the base, we have a large mass on radar. Possible enemy formation!" Immediately, we turned climbing above the clouds. My eyes widened at the large black mass on the horizon. 30 plus bombers guarded by an innumerable  amount of fighters. The group of Chinese aircraft spread out, allowing room for their escorts to duck in and out, launching missiles and taking pot shots. 

"Tower, get everyone in the air! Scramble the ground crews, get the SAAMs and AA guns up and running, their here!"

Everyone broke formation, moving to the fringes of the formations and trying to pick off the bombers without getting shot down ourselves. Large KJ-2000 jammer aircraft circled high above, disrupting communications and our radar systems. 

"Somebody get those damn Jammers!" I shouted, shaking a bandit off my tail long enough to launch a missile. It was stupid to hope that it would hit anything in the mass confusion. Flares rained from several bombers, forcing the missiles to detonate harmlessly in mid-air. 

Another J-11 crossed my path, as much as I wanted to chase him the bombers and mobile tank deployment planes were our main concern. If we lost this base, we'd be forced back into the mountains and our last line of defense. We couldn't afford for the Chinese to push us that far. 

The End

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