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Mojave stared at me, blushed and looked away. What the hell? Must be nothing... where's my plane? 

My chest sank and I dipped my head down. Damn... I'll miss you. 

Sighing, I walked to a busy officer and saluted. He scribbled fiercely on a pad, glanced up and said "At ease, what do you want?"

Hesitantly, I lowered my hand and stated "I'm 2nd Lieutenant Young. My plane got shot down, has a new order been placed?"

He looked up and said "You're Lieutenant Young?"

"Yes sir."

"We stole a recruits F-22 for you, follow me... also, next time you drink on base, I will report you." He wrinkled his nose in disgust and quickly pointed at a F-22 near Mojaves. A stupid smile crossed my face and my eyes opened wide.

I asked "One more thing sir, can I have some paint?"


The right front side of the plane was now decorated with a fiery red and yellow hornet. I patted the finished result and stepped into the cockpit, running my hands over the controls. Finally, I relaxed and leaned back into my seat, my hangover seeming like a thing of the past. 

A hand slapped my chest and Duke leaned over the cockpit, grinning wide. I winced as the headache re-appeared. Duke chuckled "Ah, I didn't hit ya that hard!"

My head shook and I growled "Of course".

Duke raised an eyebrow "What's up?"

"Nothin', just took me away from admiring this beast."

"What's with the wasp on the side?"

I sighed why won't you go away? "It's a hornet."

Comprehension dawned on Duke. He nodded "You really loved her."

"Not as much as you and Mojave." 

Duke grinned "I know how to get the ladies."

I genuinely laughed and leaned farther back into my seat. It felt good just to do that- all the shit seemed non-existent. A bastard thought crept up how can I laugh when I've just killed three guys?

Suddenly, I felt numb- wrong. Duke tapped the cockpit and said "Well, I'm gonna check out my new plane, peace." He jumped to the ground and walked away. Sighing, I started to climb out of the cockpit, stopping as my foot smacked something. My eyes found a helmet. I tried it on and felt a rush as it fit. Breathing hard, I said into my com. "This is Young, just found a helmet in my cockpit."

Silence filled the radio until a heavy voice stated "Affirmative, you are slated to take her out on runway six in three minutes Young."

Three minutes, shit! My hands flew over the console, starting everything up in record time. The canopy closed and I moved to the sixth runway, blocking a fellow Raptor from taking of. Grinning, I activated the after burner and soared of the runway, rolling in the air. After half an hour of messing around, I levelled of, laughing. I looked at the sky and remembered two blue eyes inches from mine, closing. Must've been the tequila from last night.

The End

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