We stood in a warehouse crowded with crates. Daniel put four bottles of tequila with three filled shot glasses on a crate near us. He sighed "Sorry, I was supposed to be doing safety checks on the new F-35s half a hour ago... enjoy!"

Daniel turned around and jogged towards a hanger.

Mojave smiled "Three, two, one go!"

I slammed a shot back and immediately felt the bite. My throat warmed as I coughed. Mojave said "Woo!"

Duke laughed "You two need salt and lemons?"

Grinning, I poured myself another shot. We all counted "Three, two, one go!"

My throat burned and, smiling, we poured ourselves another batch.


Blushing and having difficulty standing, I asked "So, uhh Duke, you and Mojave got something going on?"

Duke laughed "Hell yeah!"

Mojave punched Duke hard in the shoulder. Duke threw his hands up "Sorry sweety."

She shook her head and chuckled "You bastard!" 

I poured myself another shot, spilling tequila over my arm. Throwing it back, I stumbled backwards and pointed at Duke, challenging "Let's see what you got!"

Duke stood up and stumbled towards me, throwing a punch at my stomach. I collapsed forwards, laughing even harder. He yelled "Come on!"

Grinning, I threw a punch back into his stomach. Duke smiled like an idiot. Mojave yelled "He's called Duke for a reason!"

He threw a punch back at me.


I sat against a crate, struggling to keep my eyes open. Mojave lied on top of stack of crates, passed out. Duke sat against a crate, wide awake. He asked "Hey Young, you alright after yesterday?" 

A mumble escaped my lips "Yeah, I'm good."

"Are you sure?"


"Are you?"


"No, you're not."

I shifted my foot, kicking an empty bottle and asked "What the hell is that supposed to mean?!"

Duke stayed silent for a full ten seconds. He began "First time I killed a kid was, ah, by the projects. Fast mother fucker, hee, ya know? He dealt out some oxy to the kids and I got tipped of that he would be after one of my friends for stealin. I could've tipped the police of, but instead, I followed him. He saw me and knew somehow, started running, started crawling... didn't matter that I did it for the right reasons." He bitterly laughed "Still get nightmares every night and that's one guy."

Sweat dripped down my hot face and I said "Fuck of."

I lied down and closed my eyes. 


The sun rose, the birds sang and my head felt like splitting. Groaning, I squinted, the sun way too bright. I stood up and grabbed my stomach, moaning. What the hell happened? Mojave and Duke were nowhere to be seen. Cringing, I stumbled out of the warehouse, asking myself why I did not have a pair of sunglasses. Squinting, I found the change room a short ways away. I looked down and felt something wet and sticky. My hand wiped it away, covered now in a smelly, green substance with pieces of apples. Panicked, I sprinted to the change room, hoping to find a fresh BDU.

The End

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