Long NightMature

"Promise me!" 

I shook my head yeah, take fucking care of an experienced superior with a better, undamaged plane!


Taking a deep breath, I activated my com and hiding my bitterness said "It's a promise. Just look into getting me a new F-25 or F-35."

A pause followed before Duke replied "Deal."

Sidewinder ordered "We're ditching the bombers for now, we'll be backing up Zeta as fast as we can."

A shifting triangle appeared on my visor, while the old one disappeared.  I activated the after burner and accelerated towards the dog fight, Sidewinder easily keeping up. Flashes of light were barely hidden behind the clouds and as I tore through them, found seven friendly fighters engaged against eleven fighters. What looked like a Super Hornet fell through the clouds, exploding into a raging inferno. 

Sidewinder gasped "Holy- Young, fall behind and tag anyone on my tail, deviate if you need to!"

I turned right and followed Sidewinder, looking past the light rain that turned unnaturally heavy at a hundred and sixty meters per second. A bright light zoomed in towards Sidewinder and I yelled "Sidewinder, eight O'clock!" 

She dived and rolled, avoiding a bright missile. A J-20 quickly followed Sidewinder, it's speed easily outclassing my own. My lock on flashed and faded as a half kilometer gap appeared between us. I thought missiles are going to have a hell of a time locking on in this rain.

Sidewinder ordered "Young, engage the J-11s if possible, stay away from the J-20s!"

I muttered "And I'll help you out if I can."

My Hornet broke of and moved to the center of the fight, trying to find a target. A missile lock-on warning screamed, I deployed a flare, killed the burner and rolled to the right. My eyes watched an explosion follow the flare, followed by a J-11, banking left. He must have been following my engine light. 

Adrenaline pumping, I gave the Hornet all it had and accelerated towards the J-11, firing my last missile within sixty meters. My hornet braked hard and banked right as the J-11 broke in half, the cockpit falling to the earth. Dammit, that's three!

I yelled "Splash one! Running on rounds now!"

Sidewinder didn't get a chance to answer. A nearby roar stopped my heart and I pushed the joystick down, a missile flying slightly above and ahead of me. I dived, looking behind my plane. A J-20 followed me, guns hot. Bullets flew past my plane as I pulled to the left and right. I kicked the after burner on, my vision darkening. My plane pulled up at the last second, creating a mirage over the ocean. I moved towards the beach, trying to loose my tail. 

Finally, I yelled "Sidewinder, I got a J-20 on me, need assistance!"

She answered "Can not currently assist, hold on a little longer!" 

I flew eight meters high over the beach, knocking over soldiers in a fire fight below, the J-20 tossing them again as it passed over half a second later. My eyes checked behind me, catching the J-20s missile launching. Swallowing, I thought this is it. I ditched my fuel tanks and dived down to an altitude of four meters, pulling away just as the missile closed in. The missile smacked my rear fin from the side and landed near the fuel tanks, blowing up as soon as the J-20 roared overhead. The J-20 lifted on one side, banked into the trees, spinned on it's side and crashed into the ground. 

Warnings threatened me as I desperately tried to control the Hornet as it flew sideways. My first thought was what the fuck just happened?!

The Hornet barely managed to climb and at two hundred meters, the engine shredded. Alarms screamed and the plane went through an uncontrolled drift to the left, spinning to the right. Panicking, I pushed the joystick all the way to the left and waited till the plane went level, pulling the ejection lever. The canopy exploded and I flew out of the plane with a parachute, watching my Hornet as it flew in odd directions, shredding itself before it hit the ground, exploding.

I gripped my parachute hard and yelled into my com. "Hound 3 down! Sorry Sidewinder, I just barely took out my tail. Good luck up there, okay?"

Sidewinder slowly said "Understood, careful down there!" 

A gust grabbed my chute, prompting a long line of curses. I pulled my chute, desperately trying to slow down. My chute got caught in a tree, stopping my body in mid-air with a jolt strong enough to knock me out.



The End

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