"All planes you are weapons free, maneuver and fire at will!"

Panicked, I dipped the plane down, looking around for the enemy. My plane made a tearing sound and spun to the right. The engine screamed and my head felt increasingly lighter as I accelerated to the earth. Dammit, it's spinning too fast to eject!

I pulled hard to the left and back on the joystick. My plane pulled up, albeit still spinning to the right. I pitched the joystick to the left and barely managed to level the plane, catching a glance at bullet holes in my right wing. A voice reached my ears as if she were naturally speaking in mid-sentence.

"uke, missile closing in from above, evade, evade!"

"Trying, dammit!"

My Hornet pitched to the right and my neck craned to see four J-11 Fighters against two Raptors. The J-11s are slow... really slow.

As I accelerated back into the fight, a Chinese J-11 fighter broke of, angling towards me from above. I flipped the switch and began locking on to the J-11. The J-11 fired first, opting for bullets instead. Wait for it...

I drifted to the left, narrowly avoiding the fire and, with less than a hundred meters between us, fired a missile and let go of the joystiq. My plane violently rolled to the right, the missile shredding the J-11s missile, setting fire to the rest of the aircraft. 

"Damn, Young, you're still combat ready?!"

"Shaky on the left banks, but ready otherwise."

"Roger, engage northern contact!"

I pulled up and moved to the north. A loud boom shook the skies and my plane suddenly titled slightly to the left. The first fuel air bomb had been dropped. 


The End

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