Shattered SkiesMature

America has never been invaded, until now. The western navy has been broken, allowing for the western part of the country to be invaded- forces driving through into the mountains in search of one great price. The Icarus project.

I climbed into the cockpit of a F-22 Raptor, switching the computer on. My instructor said over the radio "Your final test will start by going a thousand feet up, at three clicks, take me through the advanced maneuvers. After, you'll be taking out drones, I'll be watching from the planes cameras. You can take of when ready Young."

My elbow bumped the console and the canopy slowly fell down, sealing. I hurried to get my masks oxygen supply and seat buckle connected. Damn, hope he didn't notice.  

The engine flared and my plane started inching forwards, slowly turning onto the runway. Fire erupted out the back and sped down the runway, g-force pressing my back into the seat as the plane lifted. The sun was mercifully dull through my tinted visor, but not cool. Sweat caused my skin to stick to my flight suit and the urge to shift was hard to ignore.

My far away instructor said "Young, show me what you can do."

Sure thing sir. The plane dipped to the left and angled towards the ground, rolled right and pulled back up upside down. My vision turned red and my head felt like exploding as I dipped back down towards the earth, accelerated and pulled back up before I experienced a red out. I went through a few more evasive drills. The rest of the days test went well, except for failing to recognize that the weapon systems were hijacked by the instructor. After a lecture about checking the systems before engaging, he gave me a pass. A few days later, I found myself at Hamilton air base as a second lieutenant. That was when I found my commander, first Lieutenant Mojave. I introduced myself, saluted and she quietly said "At ease".

She motioned for me to follow her to the aircraft hanger, pointed at my F/A-18 Hornet, the change room and walked away.  Shrugging, I walked back to my room and slept with the news on. My roomate walked in when Rebecca Blacks music video, mixed with my snooring, cut out to the presidents speech. The president slowly said "Today, China has asked many demands, many of them rightful, over the death of their leader by American citizens. Of these demands, all were excepted but one- to occupy our country in the search for the killers. They have stated that if we did not accept these demands and reply to their embassy by seven in the evening, a state of war would be declared. I regret to say that as of an hour ago, we are at war with China."

The End

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