Elliot: EnjoymentMature

I was thankful that Dominic didn't seem to remember. I mean really glad. Like glad that there wasn't the chance of him telling me I needed to tell Christine. I ended up staying home for most that first day seeing Dominic turn up on the TV. Wait, what? I stared for a few moments then shrugged it off.

Christine did notice something was wrong when I met her after class. Looping her arms around me as we hugged I couldn't help but tense a little. It no longer felt right. 

I mean before Christine's hugs were lovely. Like a little warmth to make my day a little brighter but now... it was like hugging a friend. It made me a little ill inside.

I didn't tell her that though. I went on and started to live a lie. Living a lie.... well, that wasn't anything new really but I found it harder than ever. Having to text Christine flirty and then meet her after class and give her hugs.

"What is wrong with you?"

"Huh?" I said looking over at Christine. She peered at me with a frown on her face. One that had been appearing more and more over the pass three days. "Nothing"

"Yes, there is. You've barely talked to me recently" she accused to which I winced guiltily. It wasn't my fault.

"I'm sorry"

"For what though?"

"I-I don't think we can be together"

"What?" Christine whispered looking at me so heartbroken. I couldn't stand it. I got up and started walking away hearing her yell after me. When I got to the apartment block though my phone started buzzing with texts. 

I sighed and headed up finding the apartment empty. Then I heard it. A loud moan that made me wander over to his room and slowly push open the door. No. No. No. I was glad the weren't looking at me. Dominic was on top. Of course he'd be then beneath him... I wanted to bash that guys skull in but quickly chose the route of less embarrassment by sliding out the room without either of them noticing.

I found tears sliding down my cheeks as I was subjected to the noise of their enjoyment. How could he enjoy him? Why him? I felt horrible for thinking it but I'd ended things with Christine cause of how he made me feel and he'd just.... forgot.

I thought it had been a good thing but it wasn't. Eventually I went to bed when the noise stopped but still couldn't sleep. I wasn't going to sleep how could I sleep?

The next morning I got up and bumped into Samuel in the kitchen in his boxers. "Hey, Elliot" he said cheery. I just grabbed my coffee then skulk back to my room. They would know something was wrong but I didn't care as I closed and locked my door.

They wouldn't care either. All of Dominic's caring was a lie just one big rotten lie.

The End

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