Elliot: The CupboardMature

Soon enough we had to sort out the rent and the bills which we just agreed we'd split. We also divided the fridge and everything seemed to be sorted.  "There is a party over at Christine's if we wanna go" I told Dominic glancing over at him.

"Sure, Samuel mentioned it to and I said I'd think about it"

Samuel. Every time the guy came her cosying up to Dominic it irritated me way more than it should have. I'd barely gotten to know Dominic cause every time I tried Samuel was there for his guitar lessons.

I gave Dominic a nod and went to get dressed for the party. The clothes I had were now more than before. I guess I could thank Christine for pushing me to go buy some new stuff. I mean I was settling here now. I'd even given Maria my address and also given it to my mum. She barely seemed to care just sending me a text saying 'thats nice'.

Our relationship since I was 16 and had left home was strained. She put money in my account and I text her once a month about where I was. 

Having pulled on my clothes on I came out to find Dominic waiting. "Coming then?" I asked him a little happy he was.

"Might as well" Dominic smiled and then we head out. It was a long walk up to Christine's. "Look, I am sorry about bringing your relationship up but is it true you really haven't kissed her yet?"

I shrugged feeling my hands curl into fists in my pockets. "I like her but I'm not sure if I like like her"

"Ah" Dominic said and we fell into awkward silence till we got to Christine's dorm which I guess was also Samuel's dorm cause he was there and Dominic went over.

Christine came over to me kissing my cheek and wrapping her arms round me in a tight squeeze. "I'm glad you came" she grinned up at me. I nodded giving her a smile but sort of watching Dominic with Samuel from the corner of my eye.

I found myself doing that all night. Even when it came to spin the bottle. "Okay, here's how it works" Lorri said. "Two spins. Whoever two it falls on gets locked away in the cupboard for ten minutes"

Everyone laughed and I noticed everyone but me was deffinetly drunk. I was just a bit tipsy. Lorri span the bottle and six spins round it finally ended up landing on me. Christine pouted a little. "It better land on me" she complained her eyes following the bottle round and round.

So did I watching it.... it land on Dominic. "In. In. In" people chanted and soon I found myself being pushed into a very small space with Dominic. I could smell the thick scent of alcohol on his breath as he body pressed very tightly against mine. The rub of hips sent weird feelings through my body.

"This is awkward" I muttered hearing Dominic laugh which rubbed our bodies more together and aroused me.

"I thought you were straight?" Dominic slurred his lips so very close to mine that at one point our lips touched. I shivered and he took it as a sign to kiss me. A very heated kiss that sent tingles down my spine.

It's cause he's drunk. We shouldn't be doing this. It's cause he's- My line of thought cut of as he tongue swept into my mouth pulling a very small moan out of me.

No. No. No. 

Luckily that was when the door opened with Dominic tumbling out the cupboard. Everyone laughed at him no one focusing on how close we had been. I was glad for that. I made my way over to Christine quietly. She wrapped her arms round me but I felt nothing. "Wish I'd been in there with you. It would of been less boring" she teased.

I forced a smile. It was anything but boring in that cupboard with Dominic.

The End

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