Elliot Cole: Not ReadyMature

"Oh sorry" I said quickly and backed out the living room as quick as I could. I had partially forgotten that Dominic had told me Samuel was coming round for his guitar lesson. Which to me now just seemed like a crappy reason to get up close and personal. It's like my arrival to Dominic didn't even matter. Although, in his eyes there was no reason for it to be special.

I slunk back to my room and flopped face down on my bed. Maybe I should just tell him already. Get it over and done with but I felt too much of a coward to breach the subject. I was about to go and get something to eat when my phone buzzed on the side table.

'Hey, wanna go out to dinner tonight? x' Christine's text 

I swallowed. That was a very clear invitation and it sort of made me feel a little bad I hadn't suggested it. I had been moping around today focusing on the fact that Dominic had completely focused his attention on Samuel that I'd forgotten about the girl whose attention I'd caught. I should really be thinking about the fact a girl I'd like felt the same but how could I with Dominic around.

Shaking my head I came to the conclusion with having only been in the house for two days that I really needed to get out and do my own thing.

'Sure, do you know anywhere? x'

'There is this chinese place on the main street x'

'I love chinese x' I texted bemused then began grabbing some clothes together.

'Okay, how about in an hour? x'

'Perfect x' I replied then tugged on my new shirt and grabbing my phone and new set of keys which I'd got off Dominic when he'd been in his sort of zombie mode today. As I passed through the hallway I was glad Dominic was distracted cause that meant he didn't pop out and ask me where I was going. So I just left.

The Chinese place that Christine had suggested was an half an hour walk away from the flat so I ended up stood outside for another 20 minutes before she had turned up. "Hey" she grinned walking up and looking shyly at the floor.

"Where is all that confidence gone from last night?" I laughed a little. She flushed and pushed back a strand of stray hair.

"That was the drinks" she said embarrassed before beginning to head inside. "Table for two" she told the waitress who smiled at both of us. It was that sort of smile which said she knew we were on a date and we were given a lovely circle table by the window.

The rest of the evening flew by and all I could remember by the end was that we were both smiling our faces off. I also ended up walking her home which I ended up regretting because on the way back to the flat it began to rain but as I slipped in the flat was silent. It seemed that Samuel had gone and Dominic was in bed. Although, it was 12 o'clock and I did go to sleep with a smile on my face.


It was about 5 days later when Dominic breached the subject. Christine had come over and we were sat in the living room watching some hero film. She was sat next to me with her feet tuck beneath her and her hands in her lap.

"So are you two an item or not?" Dominic said as he sat back in his armchair with a beer can in hand. I turned pink but Christine slipped her hand into mine.

"I guess we are" she giggled. Being to feel warm and stressed. So I pick up my can and took a swig in an effort to get rid of the lump in my throat.

"Has he kissed you yet?" Dominic asked causing me to choke on my beer. They both glanced at me. Christine with a shy smile on her face. "I'm guessing that's a no"

I nodded quickly and grabbed a tissue off the table to wipe my mouth before trying to give Christine a supportive smile. It didn't seem to work cause she sort of looked away back to the tv with pursed lips. Great, now I was in her bad books. She had tried to take the first step but so far we'd only got as far as hugs and holding hands. It was more cause I had trust issues. I mean I did trust her but I didn't feel ready to take that big step. It wouldn't be my first kiss but I hadn't had loads either.

Guess it was obvious why. So with a sigh I turned back to watched the film with a now awkward tension in the air.

The End

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