Dominic Eaton: Guitar LessonMature

I awoke bleary eyed the next morning, the sun shining brightly through the curtains which were mercifully still shut but the light was still able to make my head twinge slightly. I must have fallen asleep on the sofa as I was still fully clothed, but I noticed that Elliot had helpfully left a glass of water on the side which I drank with enthusiasm, knowing that it would endeavour to help with my hangover.

I sat up and tried to remember the exact details of the previous night but the memories were hazy and unclear and seemed to be trickling away like water from cupped hands, although catching sight of a number which I had inevitably scrawled on the back of my hand as there was no paper I remembered the guy I had been chatting with. Samuel - and this must be his number. I could remember how handsome he was and I suspected that if I had seen him in daylight (for we had been in a nightclub which kept throwing us into temporary darkness) he would have been even more beautiful.  

I grabbed my phone from my pocket and quickly added the number into my phone, however because the nighclub was dark my handwriting had been messy and I couldn’t really tell whether the last digit was a six or an eight – I put it as a six and saved the number.

I then texted the newly added number to check that I had the right person, deciding that if this was the wrong person I could easily rectify my mistake and change the six to an eight.

‘Hey Samuel its Dom, might I say I really enjoyed last night and I hope you are not too hung over’

I debated putting a kiss at the end but then reason told me that putting a kiss at the end might have seemed a bit forward and I needed to be sure that he liked me in the same way that I liked him. I pressed the send button with trembling fingers and waited for a reply. In less than two minutes my phone bleeped, telling me that I had a text message which I opened quickly, my heart racing.

‘Hi …. Who are you, I am called Nadia not Samuel and I don’t know any Dom’s’

‘Woops wrong number, sorry’I quickly replied, heat rising in my cheeks and I sent the message and hurried to change the six to an eight and resend my first message, knowing this time that I would get a reply from Samuel.

After about five minutes where I stared intently my phone willing it to beep again it finally obliged and bleeped happily making me jump slightly even though I was expecting a text.

‘Hey Dom, I enjoyed last night too and am only slightly hung over.Hope you are okay, and was wondering when you were free to teach me guitar? x’

I read and re-read the text several times and each time I took in the presence of the little kiss at the end which suggested that he liked me just as much as I liked him. It made my skin tingle just thinking about it. I hit the reply button and said,

‘I’m free this afternoon if you are, Mayview- flat 101 x’

‘See you then x’was his instant reply and my heart leapt and my spirits soared sky high, and I momentarily forgot my hangover until I whipped back the living room curtains and the light that streamed into the room made me wince.

“Oh your awake, how are you feeling?” Elliot asked entering the room, the sun didn’t seem to bother him but I guessed that he hadn’t drunk as much as me.

“I’m fine thanks, a bit hung over but what can you do” I said with a chuckle.

“I’m putting the kettle on” Elliot said, “Do you want a coffee or a tea?”

“Tea thanks, no milk though but one sugar  though, I’m not sweet enough you see – strange isn’t it how we both hate coffee and prefer tea with one sugar but no milk, it’s almost like we were connected in some way ….” I rambled, trying to concentrate on the here and now rather than several hours into the future when the gorgeous guy that is Samuel would be coming round and I’d be teaching him guitar!”

Elliot nodded absentmindedly and went into the kitchen returning five minutes later with two cups of steaming hot tea, one of which he passed over to me.

“There you go” he said, “So have you got anything planned for later on?” he asked interestedly.

“Actually yeah, Samuel is coming around for his first guitar lesson, we were both free today so I thought why not, I hope you don’t mind?” I asked, thinking I should at least check that my new flat mate was alright with me inviting people round.

“Yeah that’s fine” he said before taking a sip of his tea though pursed lips.

The day seemed to pass unbearably slowly due to the fact that I was checking the clock every few minutes hoping that a few hours would have passed and Samuel would be arriving soon. After what seemed like an eternity the buzzer sounded and I leapt off the couch where I had been lounging on and went to answer it.

“Hello?” I said and Samuel’s smooth voice came drifting out at me through the speaker,

“Hello Dom, its Samuel”

“Come up” I said pressing the button which would unlock the door.

Samuel knocked politely on the door and I opened it with trembling fingers to reveal the stylishly tousled jet black hair and gorgeous chocolate brown eyes of Samuel. He had his guitar slung over one shoulder and looked eager to begin his lessons. He pressed the door shut and I led him into the living room where my guitar was leaning against the sofa.

“Take a seat” I said gesturing for him to take a seat in a nearby armchair and sitting down opposite him and picking up my guitar.  I couldn’t help taking in his absolute beauty and only came back out of my reverie when Samuel asked what I would be teaching him first.

“Erm, I’ll probably start with a few simple and frequently used chords in guitar playing” I said and he nodded his full attention on me and me alone.  I pulled the strap of my guitar over my head so that the guitar was in a position where I could comfortably play it and I played several chords.

“You try” I said leaving my fingers in the correct position so that he would be able to copy.

He tried the chord and failed, several of his fingers weren’t right, one of then he spotted and quickly corrected before trying again.

“It takes a while to get the fingering right” I said pulling my guitar back over my shoulder and getting up, I stood behind him and leaned over the chair so that I could reach his hands.

“Let me show you” I said before reaching out and momentarily intertwining my hands with him. A tingling sensation shot across my body and the touch of his fingers and I took as long as I possible could to maneuver his fingers into the correct position. I took hold of his other hand and began to move that into position but as I did so the living room door opened and Elliot walked in.

My face turned a dull pink colour at the sight of him.  

The End

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