Elliot Cole: This GuyMature

"Seems Samuel got to him" Christine said coming to sit with me. I noticed she only had my beer so I guessed she'd spotted Samuel buying Dominic a drink. 

"Yeah...Wait, what do you mean got to him?" I said panicking inside. I couldn't lose Dominic to another a guy even if we did want him in different ways. It was just too soon. Way too soon.

Christine giggled and pointed towards Samuel who was leant in very close. Too close for my liking. I clutched my beer tightly and took a big swig. "Don't worry. They're both just drunk. Nothing will happen Samuel is a good boy" she said sarcastically which didn't really reassure me but I hope she was right on the fact it wasn't going anywhere. "Anyway, its too noisy to sit here talking. Lets go dance"

Before I could say anything she had took hold of my hand and dragged me onto the dance floor. Honestly I was a crap dancer and having not had much to drink I was very aware of everything. When Christine got tired I was glad and we stumbled back to our seats. Well, she stumbled back to her seat while I just followed swerving through the crowd. 

"Hey" Dominic stumbled over with a slanted grin on his face. "I think I'm gonna head back. Coming?"

"Yeah" I smiled turning to Christine. She leant in and kissed my cheek softly making me feel slightly awkward when all I did was give her a hug. "See ya"

"Bye" she called as I walked off with Dominic who was unsteady on his feet. Every time he tripped he just laughed and soon he was singing at the top of his lungs. I was just cringing internally cause the streets weren't as empty as they should be at the time of night it was.

Once we got back to the flat Dominic flopped onto the couch with this huge grin on his face. I slipped into the kitchen to grab him a glass of water but it was a bit pointless cause when I came back out he was out like a light. Sighing I put it on the side table then walked to my room laying down on my bed. I stared at the ceiling feeling a bit wide awake to be honest.

I had only come back because Dominic had. Although with the state he was in I didn't much have a choice. That left me to wonder why Samuel hadn't been with him when he stumbled over to say he was going home. 

The next thing I knew I was waking up to the early buzz of my phone. I yanked it out of my pocket and tried to check the ID but my eyes were sleepy. "Hello?" I croaked.

"What's up with you?" Maria chuckled through the phone.

"Late night"

"Ooo, who with?"

"Dominic, Christine and some of her friends"

"Ah, the mysterious Christine and Dominic. When are you gonna tell me why you were looking for the guy so long?"

"I told you"

"Yeah yeah, someone who was at your first childcare home. Now what's the truth?"

"I'm really tired, Maria"

"Yeah, there is always a reason to avoid this conversation. Why not just tell me?"

"Cause there is nothing to tell" I grumbled annoyed she was pushing this again. I hated she could read my like a book even just through the sound of my voice. My phone buzz and I check the screen to see a text from Christine. "Look I got to go"

"Yeah, whatever. See you, geek!" she sang sweetly before the line disconnected. I sighed a checked the text which brought a smile to my lip and a slight flush to my cheeks.

'Cure to hangover: painkillers and coffee. Then a nice, warm bath and thoughts of you and me on that dancefloor xx'

The End

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