Dominic Eaton: SamuelMature

I bobbed my knees nonchalantly to the beat of the music, as because the club was so crowded the bobbing of the knees now constituted as dancing. No-one really had the space to go and ‘strut their stuff’ on the dance floor. I made my way slowly over to a group of people who could only have been Christine’s friends as they were looking in our direction and smiling, weaving in and out of drunken teenagers as I went and smiled warmly at them.

“Hi, you must be Christine’s friends, nice to meet you I am a friend of Elliot’s” I said and the group murmured their welcome.

“So….” I said turning to chat to one of the group who had jet black hair, gorgeous brown eyes and pearly white teeth, I froze for a second, taking in his beauty  then thinking I’d look stupid if I stood there too long gawping at him, mentally shook myself and said;

“Hi, what’s your name?”

“Samuel” he said smiling, and showing is pearly white teeth again.

“Can I get you a drink?” I asked him, then spotting he already had a pint of beer clutched in his hands and my cheeks burned red. Luckily Samuel didn’t spot this as the lights kept moving, throwing us into temporary darkness,

“I already have a drink but please let me buy you one, what’s your poison? He asked leading me towards the bar.

“Urrrrm a vodka and Red Bull please” I said thrilled that a hot guy was buying me a drink.

Samuel attracted the bartender’s attention, ordered a vodka and Red Bull for me then he also ordered two jagerbomb shots and two squashed frog shots. “Who are the shots for?” I asked as Samuel whipped out a £20 note and handed it to the man behind the counter and told him to keep the change

“Us” he said now sliding my vodka and Red Bull, and the two shots towards me.

“Race?” he said picking up the jagerbomb. I nodded

“One, Two, Three, Go!” Samuel said and downed the shot, I downed mine and coughed and spluttered, Samuel had caught me off guard.

“I win!” Samuel said laughing slightly and picking up the next shot, “I am guessing you don’t do shots a lot?” he asked.

“I do…. Well, used to…. Well… you caught me off guard” I said stumbling over my words as spoke, trying to keep myself calm as I talked to someone handsome as Samuel. In the end I put my shot down and took a long swig of my vodka and Red Bull trying to calm down. As I drunk I scanned the club for any sign of Elliot but he was lost amidst the crowd of people in the club. 

I put down my now half empty glass and picked up the squashed frog shot and Samuel did likewise.

“Right I am ready for a second attempt, get ready to be annihilated” I said grinning broadly at him.

“We’ll see” he said grinning back and quick as a flash was downing the shot, I was again taken by surprise and swiftly attempted to down my own shot, however it ended up dribbling down my shirt .

“You didn’t even count that time!” I said outraged but joking at the same time

“A true master of the shots doesn’t need to count, the element of surprise is crucial when wanting to win!” Samuel said sounding as though he watched too much Star Wars as he was talking as though drinking shots was a martial art or something. I laughed and playfully punched his arm, then took another swig of Vodka and Red Bull.

“So, do you have any hobbies?” Samuel asked,

“I play acoustic guitar and write songs”

“Wish I could play guitar, I have one at home but I can’t play it, I have been trying to find a teacher for over a year but they all charge about £15 for a half an hour session.

I winced, “Christ, that seems a bit steep”

“Yeah, and I just can’t afford it” he said gloomily.

“Well maybe I could teach you?” I suggested smiling warmly at him.

“Really, you would do that?”

“You bet ya, I’ve been playing since I was about eight years old and have done all the grades in guitar, so why not I’ll teach you for free.”

“Mate you’re a serious legend, let me by you another drink to say thank you.”

The End

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