Elliot Cole: RelaxingMature

I clutched my can as I sat perched on the other sofa with my legs tucked under me. We'd been watching tv for the past hour or so and honestly it wasn't all that I hoped. I jumped as a crisp packet hit me and picked it up looking over at Dominic. "I said did you want some crisps?" he laughed gesturing at the packet.

"Oh, thanks" I muttered putting my can down to open them up. I hadn't even noticed him leave the room was I really that zoned out. I glanced at my phone wondering if I should text Maria but when I picked my phone up I ended up texting Christine.

I was a little nervous as my fingers hit the buttons and jumped when Dominic slumped onto the other sofa. "Who you texting?"

"This girl... Christine. I met her at a coffee shop" I flushed as I hit send on my phone. The only thing the text ended up containing was 'Hi, its Elliot :)' which I must admit was a little predictable.

She replied though before Dominic said anything and I opened it up quickly. 'Hey, how r u? xx' 

I almost choked on my beer which got me a funny look from Dom. Oh gosh, would he want to know why? "That's cool. You have a little crush on her I'm guessing?" his chuckle was low and deep so for a moment I was completely unaware that I needed to text Christine back till another text was already coming through.

'Me and my mates are at a club, come join? xx'

"She's asking if I would join her at a club?" I muttered. Dominic was on his feet instantly grinning at me.

"Lets go then"

I flushed and got the name of the club of Christine before we head out. I shoved my hands in my pockets as we walked feeling my finger twitch nervously. Dominic whistled as we walked and I found it odd how at ease he was. Soon we reached the club which had a huge queue but Christine was waiting by the door so the moment she saw us we were waved over and let in.

"Lorri's Uncle owns the club so we're always coming here" she said as we walked in glancing briefly.

"Hi, I'm Dominic" he said holding out his hand.

"Christine" she smiled softly back shaking his hand but looking back at me almost instantly. She had a little flush to her cheeks which seemed to brighten as she looked at me. I swallowed nervously and returned the smile she gave me. "Do you want a drink?"

"Shouldn't I be buying you a drink?" I muttered seeing Dominic had already wandered off.

"Well, yeah, if this was a date" I turned pink and Christine laughed looking at the floor. "Don't worry. They know me here so I don't have to pay. What do you want?"

"A beer would be fine"

"I'll get one for your friend. He seems to have found everyone anyway"

I looked over to Dominic as Christine skipped off to see him talking to these group of people about my age or a little older. One of them. A guy seemed way to interested in him and Dominic seemed way to interested in him back. Did that mean I was jealous? Maybe yeah...

The End

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