Dominic Eaton: Overcoming The Awkward SilencesMature

Elliot’s preference on how he liked his tea surprised me, he liked it the same way I liked mine, one sugar and no milk, and what was bizarre was that he too hated coffee. Yet it had to be a coincidence …. That’s all it could be.

I took my time in making the tea, allowing Elliot to have a look around; I regretted not keeping the place tidy but the general untidiness didn’t seem to put him off, on the contrary he seemed more eager to stay.

I put the two teas on a tray and carried them carefully into the living room, shifting a newspaper and a few books which were cluttering the table.

“Make yourself at home” I said gesturing for Elliot to take his coat off and look like he was staying.

“Thanks for the tea” he said leaning forward, picking up the blue Denby mug and taking a sip of the steaming tea.

“I was beginning to lose hope in anyone being interested in the room,” I said trying to strike up a conversation but only getting another sheepish smile for a response. 

“So….” I said, breaking the awkward silence that seemed to form around us, I sipped my tea trying to think of something to ask Elliot to bring him out of his shell. He reminded me of me when I was eighteen, I had never been a very sociable person until I met my best mate Harry who pulled me almost kicking and screaming out of my cocoon and made me a more sociable person. In the process he also managed to destroy my innocent mind by turning everything I said into sexual innuendos.

“So where are you from?” I asked after another long awkward pause.

“I spent a considerably long period of my life living in London but big cities have never been me, I prefer the tranquil country side and the nice, small country towns,” he said giving me a warm smile and his blue eyes seemed to twinkle with happiness at the prospect of not having to live in a big city.

“Another good thing about living in a country town is that the pubs and clubs in town are a hell of a lot cheaper and a hell of a lot better than the ones in the big city!” I said with a laugh, “how about we go out to one of the pubs later?” I suggested but Elliot seemed to crinkle his nose at the idea.

“I’m not really a go out to pubs and clubs sort of guy, it’s not my scene if I am honest” he said giving me a sheepish look.

“Oh okay then, how about we bob down to the spar around the corner, get a few cans and chill out here and get to know each other?” I suggested hopefully.

“Yeah, that sounds fun” he said with a warm smile, his ice blue eyes twinkling.  

The End

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