Elliot Cole: Its him!Mature

Dominic turned out to just be an inch taller than me which felt sort of weird. I mean I expected him to be this towering guy but it didn't matter cause his blue eyes were all I needed to see to know it was him.

I could of ran around jumping up and down like a kid if I wasn't the nervous person I was. Also, it would probably seem quite odd to this guy. I mean he didn't know about... it and that didn't matter. All that really mattered was I found him. His open friendly attitude had taken me by surprise and when he spoke his name it sounded quite soft on his lips. What was I doing? 

All these thoughts were going a bit far and I hadn't even got into the apartment yet.  "Nice to meet you too" I finally spurted out with another sheepish smile. God, I was messing this all up wasn't I?

"So do you want to come in and look around" he said opening the door a bit wider. I nodded quickly and stepped in. The place was a mess things were strewn around the place and I'd barely seen more than the living room yet. "Sorry its a bit of a mess I wasn't... expecting anyone"

"No no, its fine" I said picking at my nails. "I'm just as bad. So disorganised"

"Are you here to study then?" he asked as he walked off. For a moment I dazed off before realising I was mean to follow as he head to a hall way.

"Oh no, I'm just looking to get away" I muttered an excuse.

"Strange. You look quite young. How old a-"

"Eighteen" I jumped him stopping quickly as he turned a little to look back at me. Again I just smiled sheepishly which Dominic seemed to find amusing before he turned to a door and swung it open. 

"This would be your room" he explained as we walked in. It was very plain and paint a pale cream colour. There were marks on the walls though from where posters had been put up and the bed was just a set of plain colour. "It would be £200 a month if you want it. You have a ensuite as well"

He gestured across the room to another door and I wander over as if to take a look. Honestly my mind was already set. I was staying her. End of. I wasn't letting Dominic slip through my fingers now I found him.

"Okay" I said spinning round to face him where he stood by the door. "Do you want payment up front?"

He blinked and then smiled gently. It was a smile that made my insides melt. I wasn't gay, I don't think, but that didn't mean I couldn't be in awe of Dominic. I mean... it was him. "No, no. Settle down first if you wanna stay tonight that is and you can pay me at the end of the week" he smiled. "That's when the month starts"

I smiled bag and dumped my huge rucksack onto the bed before plonking myself down beside it. "Um... what about food?"

"We'll talk about that when you pay your first rent. We could just call this a trial week yeah?"

The way he spoke told me he was really eager to let this room out and I was so thankful of that. I could have been bouncing around in glee like I said before. "Okay, thanks a lot" I smiled. "Do you mind if I call my parents?"

"Yeah, sure. Do you want a cup of tea or coffee?"

"Hate coffee. A tea with one sugar no milk would be nice though" 

He stopped for a moment then seemed to shrug something off before quickly leaving. I scrambled for my phone and dialled the number for Maria, my best friend, who answered instantly.

"I found him"

The End

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