Dominic Jay EatonMature

The sound of the door slamming reverberated in my ears once again as I remembered Richard Hall walking out of my life once and for all. He had been cheating on me with a skinny blonde page three girl with abnormally large boobs …. He wasn’t gay at all and for months I had been blissfully unaware that he was jumping her bones when I thought he was away on business.

I had kicked him out the moment I had found out about it but the problem was I kept finding things which belonged to him and it hurt …. For instance the other day I found his favorite tie wedged down the back of the sofa (he had lost it months ago and had been gutted.)

When I was certain I had combed the flat from top to bottom, ensuring that I had got rid of every last reminder of him I placed an advertisement in the newspaper for a flat mate, as I was unable to pay the mortgage on the flat myself.

I had almost given up hope on getting anyone interested and contemplated taking the ad down when someone my doorbell rang;

“Hello?” I said through the intercom,

"Hi, my name's Elliot Cole.... I'm here about the spare room?" the man asked and a smile spread across my face, I pressed the buzzer to unlock the door downstairs and said,

“Come up”

Two minutes later there was a soft rather timid knock on the door and I turned the key in the lock to reveal a rather tall guy with muddy blonde hair and rather piecing ice blue eyes which I couldn’t help but get lost in. He was very handsome.

“Hi, I am Dominic Jay Eaton, nice to meet you Bro” I reached out a hand and after several moments Elliot reached out a cautious hand and shook mine, smiling sheepishly at me …. I could tell I would need to bring this guy out of his shell if we were going to be living together!

The End

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