Sharp TurnsMature

Elliot Cole has been searching for Dominic J Eaton for years but why when he finds him can he not say a word?
And why has he been searching for him?

Elliot Cole

I fidgeted in my seat as I flicked through the paper. I wasn't finding anywhere to stay and no way was I going home. He was here. I knew it. 

I had tracked him all the way to West Yorkshire from London and I wasn't going home now. "Here's your drink, sir" the waitress said softly pressing a cup of coffee down in from of me. She fiddled with her apron and looked at me with batting eyes. I smiled sheepishly and nodded a thanks.

She huff a sigh, obviously displeased, then walked off to serve other customers. It allowed me to relax and sip from my drink with the knowledge no one was watching me. When ever someone stared at me I felt so insecure. I don't know if it was something from my past or if it was just a bad habit I had formed over the years. Sneaking around didn't help.

"May I sit here?" a quiet voice asked. I looked up to meet eyes of bright hazel gold which made my skin suddenly feel clammy. 

"I-Uh, sure" 

She grinned and sat down pulling out a rather heavy looking text book. "Are you here to study?" she asked as she opened it up. I shook my heads and watched her hands which were hidden by her sleeves which she'd pulled up over them. "That's too bad. It would be nice to maybe have a friend round her"

"Don't you have any?" I asked quickly. She shook her head blushing and then bit her lip. 

"I guess I get along with my dorm mates but I think the only thing I'll ever have in common with them is liking a good party" she laughed. "They throw them all the time.... maybe you could come to one"

I swallowed. "Maybe" I said then quickly took a long swig of my drink. "Wh-What's your name anyway?"

"Christine and you are?"

"Elliot. Elliot Cole" I replied rushed. I didn't really understand why I was so flustered by this girl. She wasn't incredible beautiful but her eyes. They glowed out like the sun and drew me in like a moth to a flame. 

"Nice to meet you, Elliot Cole" she said. 

I grinned and we both turned back to our task with her running her eyes over the pages of her book and me flicking through the newspaper. Which is when I saw it. His name... His name?!? Dominic J Eaton and.. and he was looking for a flat mate. It was perfect. 

"What do you want to drink, miss?" the waitress said causing me to jump. Christine just looked up at her while tugging on the sleeve of her shirt.

"A Latte please" she said quietly. 

"I have to go" I said the moment the waitress left shoving my stuff into my rucksack. Christine frowned biting her lip as she watched me. She opened her mouth at one point as if to say something then closed it again before digging round in her bag pulling out a pen and paper. She scribbled something down and shoved it at me.

"Call me" she squeaked nervously. I blushed embarassed but took the paper between my fingers which seemed to tingle at the prospect of having a number. No, of having this girl's number.

"Bye, Christine" I said then raced off. My heart was pounding from excitement and I wasn't sure whether it was cause I found him or cause  of getting a number off a girl that I believe I was attracted to. I shook my head and ran up to a set of taxi's parked up jumping in. I dumped the bag by my feet before scrambling to read out the address.

The driver grunted at me then moved along while I stared out the window watching the streets fly by. When we finally reached the set of flats I was almost bouncing in my seat. "£5.80" the driver grunted. I handed him six quid and slipped out before he gave me my change. I strode up to the flats then stopped at the intercom.

Finally, sense hit me. Oh gosh... I had found him. All I had to do was press the button to flat 101 and I would hear his voice. My hand trembled as I reached up and slowly pressed the button hearing a bell begin to ring.

"Hello?" a gruff voice said through the intercom.

"Hi, my name's Elliot Cole.... I'm here about the spare room?"

The End

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