Shape Shifter Edited


“Miss. Doveinna Do you need something?” Mrs. What’s-her-face said. I didn’t even know her name! How can she already hate me one the first day back at school? “No ma‘am?” I said back, in a low, soft, shaky voice. I took pleasure in thinking that she thought I was a wimp! Oh how much fun it shall be to surprise a teacher that I couldn’t care less about what I was learning! “Well then I didn’t mean too upset you! Im sorry, I was out of line!” Mrs. What’s-her-face said really, soft. Score! Life is so good!


"Miss Doveinna. Something you need?"

So were the words of Mrs. What's-her-face.  Lord, I didn't even know her name!  How could she hate me already, on the very first day of school? 

In a low, soft shaky voice, I answered, "No, ma'am."  Somehow I took pleasure in her thinking that I was a wimp.  It would be fun to surprise this teacher about how little I cared about what I was learning.

Then in an even softer voice, Mrs. What's-her-face said, "Sorry to upset you.  Didn't mean to.  Apparently I was out of line."

I couldn't help thinking. "Score!  Life is good!" 

Such it was when I met her.  Well let me tell you about myself.  To start with, my name is Lovanna Jaylee Doveinna. Yeah, I know my name is really odd but I love it. My parents heard the name from a friend and so they placed it upon my life.


The End

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