Aislynn: Its not a myth.

Canada, its nice...kind of. Not as awesome as France once was...but its a close second. Since being changed I have forfilled my life goal of seeing the world. Now I am on the west coast of the continenent. At the moment now I am looking see if a certain rumor is true that I heard from another vampire. She said there was a place where a lot of immortal creatures like us are hiding, well not hiding, but living! A place pretty much free of humans besides the ones they have to feed off of.

I went in search of this place that guy called "ShadowLand" how appropriate? I ran into some vampire hunters and had to make a quick break for it. Not sure where I ran, but I ran into a sign, large and wooden that said, "Shadow Land" in about every language known to man, or immortal.

There was a large house, with four random mini modern cottages surrounding it. Everything looked so clean, pristine, and new.

I walked in the large double doors, and saw a clip board attached to the wall. There was a list for the cottages outside, and the apparent rooms in the house. I signed my name down for one of the cottages, but decided to just wander the house.

The End

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