Aislynn: Waking up.

I was newly 16 when I was turned, that was nearly 100 years ago.  My name is Aislynn, and I am a vampire.  It was 1910, in July 16 th, the day after I turned sixteen.  My father had arranged for me to be married to this wonderful gentlman named Charles the coming fall, I wasn't looking too forward to it. Though Charles was the ideal husband for any woman of my class, I didn't want to get married, I had just entered my reign as a full grown woman and wanted to see the world before I got tied down and started having a family. I did in fact get my wish. I had dragged my friend Clara to come with me to a pub on the outer areas of our little town nestled in the moutains. We went home early in the morning, just before the sun was supposed to rise so we woud have light on our way home, we never made it far. You see, I am originally from a small town buried deep in the moutains of France, everyone knew each other in my town, but through-out the night I had attracted the attention of a mysteriously dazziling gentlemen. This same gentlmen was the one who changed me.   

Clara and I walked the woods to town, and we heard other footsteps, then his voice "May I walk you two beautiful girls home, you shouldn't be walking around at this hour," he said smoothly, snaking a hand around my waist. I smiled despite my slight fear of his touch. (and of course he said it in french but whatever)

"Oui Oui Monsieur."I said giving a small smile, the next  thing I knew, he brought his face close to mine and smiled, fangs appearing from behind his lips, then his fangs were in my neck.

I woke up, Clara under me, cold, and dead, the man was gone, and I ran as fast as I could away. I have never been back.

   Anyways, I have long pure brown hair that falls in perfect ringlets down to my waist, I'm slender, but tall. My eyes are pale green with random gray flecks in them, but when I feed they turn pure white, then blood red. Rumors of vampires turning into beauty once turned is not really true. The person has to have some kind of beauty. Which could be why I always get mistaken for a model. What would you think of a really tall, slender, curvy, pale, gorgeous girl walking around in designer clothes??

The End

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