The room was crowded, closed in and I could sense danger. There were others like me but of a different scent. I could hear their hearts beat; two were different from the others and their scents stronger to me than the others. How could I know this? Slowly I opened my eyes and saw everything in a different light. Clearer, sharper and those dark shadows shown that there was a wooden door leading outside.

 I could hear more to. I worked out that the house was surrounded by trees, there was a river close by and there was a family of rabbits under the bush fighting over the berries. Don’t ask how I knew all of this I just did. There was a growl that made me turn my head and I heard a yelp sound.

Two wolves stood by the cage staring at me. One was black as midnight pressing her nose against the cage. The other had shimming gold fur with her pink tongue hanging out. My nose was twitching something that it didn’t normally do without doing. What was going on?

I opened my mouth to speak, but my words wouldn’t come out.

“Alex.” I looked round trying to find Verity.“Alex it’s me the black wolf.”As I looked the black wolf pressed her paws on the cage.“You’re a wolf Alex like us.”

I looked between them both. Verity had never lied to me before, so for once I wished she was and sadly she was telling the truth.

My fur was a slivery grey, covering an oversize wolf body and lifting a paw I saw the sharp claws.

“Alex.”Daisy voice came into my head now like we were still human.“What are we going to do?”

Before I could answer her Nathan appeared. “New pets. Still got to wait as your still puppies.” Nathan smiled. “Now I bet your wondering what my evil master plan is.”

All three of us were staring at Nathan, still and waiting. “You have the chance to join my pack and the glory that follows with it. The catch line however, there is only room for one of you and the others well that’s a different story.”

The girls kept looking at Nathan whiles I was already thinking of an escape route. Nathan carried on saying that if we didn’t pass the test then none of us would have a chance of joining his pack. Nathan of course didn’t explain what the test was before he went.

“We need to get out of here.”Daisy said. I nodded going over to the door of my cage and after a few minutes of kicking and banging I jumped through the door.

“In corner there’s a door leading outside, together we have to run and go through the stream.”I explained to the girls who nodded.

“We got to move fast and the stream will cut our scent without them following us.”Verity replied.

“Let’s go before they come back.”Daisy added.

The End

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