Chapter 8: DaisyMature

I lifted my head off the ground, the aches and pains slowly fading away. What had happened? I got up and unsteadily on four paws. Wait, paws? That didn't sound right. But my mind was all muddled and I couldn't tell what was wrong.

I turned my head toward Verity, whose dark fur glinted in the dim light. But wait, that couldn't be possible. Verity didn't have fur. And yet, I could tell it was her. It was as if I could smell it.

"So you're awake?" I looked around for the source of the source of the voice. The strange figure from before walked towards me. I growled.

"Easy there.I don't want to have to hurt you." She chuckled. That was when I caught sight of the wall. There was a wolf standing there. Frightened, I growled. The wolf growled back. I took a few steps towards it. It did the same. I realized that it wasn't a wall after all; it was a mirror. It was then that I realized what had happened.

We had been turned into wolves.

The End

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